How often do you ride your motorcycle? Miles per year?


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1) Everyday there is sufficient road traction ( New Englander )
2) 20,000- 25,000 miles per annum
3) 49th year
4) 3 on the street since 1983 , 100's maybe more in the dirt.


Short answer- weekly as long as temps are above 38 degrees.

Without including commuting on the bike about 14k yearly is what I project this year.

Long answer:
Started riding at 10-11 on mopeds, mini bikes and dirt bikes. 48 chapters of life now.

Also had lots of time on bikes as a youth, bmx, tricks etc I really think that helped with the motorcycle stuff

Have ridden on and off ever since, at times life provided little time to ride or I was bikeless but I always had access to a motorcycle be it an uncle, my dad and/or friend, I had a neighbor/friend whose wife wouldn’t let him ride his bike so he’d have me ride it occasionally to keep the battery charged etc until he sold it for example would ride here and there.

When I have a bike i ride it at least once a week, if I have multiple bikes they each get driven at least once a week. I don’t like for them to sit around. For most of my life I’ve owned a bike vs not having one.

I don’t use my current bike to commute to work I’m trying to keep it as my recreational only vehicle lol so right now I’ll average about 14k a year

In past years with multiple bikes and including commuting I’d average about 20-25K annually. My work commute is 60 miles round trip.

No crashes/accidents on any public roads to date(knock on wood)


Have 650 miles on my leftover 16 Busa that I got last september.
Lost 4 months from a bad neck and another 5 from my moms health problems.
=4 year old not even broken in yet bike. :(

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