Group buy for mototeck undertail

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Just checking in... kkattan, your doing a fantastic job! Keep up the work, I'm tied up with a couple other projects right now. Should be on board soon.......
Put me in for one. I have an 05 LE Gunmetal Grey.

KK if you want to still include this man (BUSA-MAN 24-7) I will figure out a way to pay for his myself.

RSD. keep me informed by PM,thx.
Wow !! I guess the pics I posted the other day , of my new undertail install started this ? I feel like I must give all you guys a warning about the moto teck undertail .....
After you install it , you will be so proud of how it looks , You will end up driving much faster .....all the time people can see more of your new back end !!

Don't blame me when your insurance companies are sucking the life out of ya ...:laugh:

I'm waiting on a guy to give me a price on painting a primed one made buy War Eagle. wants $185.00 shipped. If he tries to jerk me on the paint job i'll tell him to forget it and you can count me in on the gunmetal grey.
hi guys.. still waiting to hear from another vendor..

one vendor has a good price.. but will only ACCEPT credit cards and we have to pre pay..

does anyone have a problem with that.. NO paypal.

this is not finalized but i want to know if we should still consider this vendor.

I'll pay either way as long as it is in stock (04' red LE). I'm not coughing up cash for something they don't have in stock. I've been down that road before. Baron's custom nailed me for $200 and I had to wait 6 months for the GD parts to show up.

They vendor doesn't much matter to me, just the final price and turn around time. I'd like to be together before Daytona.
Dont have a problem with that kind of payment...Alldepends on price and wether it still will come with all lights ond color matched ....Im still in..
UPDATE on 2006 LE WHITE... mototeck (the company) said they will ship them out to their resellers the second week of MARCH..

and how many people DO NEED a license plate relocator?

YES all colors 1999 - 2005 STOCK are availalbe and all lights integerated...

SOME VENDORS are providing options such as licensce plate relocator.. and linensce plate LED (light for the plate)
hmm, depends on what kinda plate relocator you are talkin about?
gotta pic?

Depending on how low you can get this, I will have to decide what color I wanna get.... also trying to figure out if I can run a hugger with the 1.5" drop on the rear

I do not need tag relocator or mount for tag justintime2 hooked me up on that all i need is undertail and lights

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here are some pics of relocator plates.
stainless stell around 13 bucks
plastic around 6 bucks

I assume they mount under the tail light

I am thinkin about the swing arm mount style for mine
finalizing works right now.!!!!

please check back Wednesday evening.. i will have prices and directions on how to place the order.. also please be decided as we will need everyone to buy before any get shippped out..

please check this post WED Night..

thanks everyone.
Alright then, I need a red undertail for an 04' LE with a Plate bracket (I'd like stainless).  I'm set, just let me know who and how to pay, Oh yeah and how much.

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