Group buy for mototeck undertail

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hey guys.. here is email response.. any one here want to take this on..?

Khalid, thank you for your note. I have not had good luck with group buys in the past, but I would like to work something out for Perhaps we could chat on the phone and discuss some possibilities. Send me an email and a some good times to call and we can make something happen.

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From: khalid kattan
Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2006 7:28 PM
Subject: hayabusa undertail

Hello sir.

I am wrting to you on behalf of

Many members have shown interest in the hayabusa undertial.. currently $299.. just wondering if you can do a special for a group by.. maybe 10 or so quantity.. can you give us a discount?

Please let me know.

who would be interested if you get something happening... lets say $250.. just wondering in case I need to call...

please reply here if you would be willing to pay $250 (hypothetical.. not determined yet) + shipping for the mototeck undertail.

as described here in this thread below:

thank you.

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I'd be up for a group buy, but only if it was the fully loaded model... top notch LEDs and stuff. I think if enough folks were in on it, we could get better than 250 myself but dunno.... KS is the king of all GBs so maybe PM him and see if he's willing to step in to help out if you need some.
pm set to ks-waterbug

hope thats the right spelling.

also.. i am thinking to ask for undertail + hugger combo..

will keep you guys posted..

who else would be interested.. lets say $225- 250 for undertail.

anyone interested reply so we can have a rough guestimate

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If it was a top gun with libertek leds brakes and signals I'll be up for it.
i might be in, was looking into the motorhead undetail but kinda like the intergrated turn signals in the mototek.
yes that same tail..

sells for $299 on

here a breif descirption:..

"Thermoformed ABS Undertail, with Clear Tail Light and Turn Signal lenses, LED light bulbs, LED License Plate light, license plate rack, wires, rivets included. Note: No extra charge for special order Red Tail Light lenses and/or Amber Turn Signal lenses."
<span style='font-family:times'></span>hi guys.. ive talked with ks-waterbug..

heres the news.. hes got a couple of group buy currently going on.. so he could do it in March..  or i may take it on NOW.. we are still in the process to decide..

However.. we need at least 10 people that are more than halfway committed.... so check out your finances.. do some homework tails.. i think this is a very good high quaility undertail and does include the turn signals and the license plate bracket..

so heres what we have so far:
<span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:times'>1. kkattan
2. StageRulz
3. ZukRAcer
4. 05BullDog
5. BusaWizard
6. Soon2Be
7. 2Quick
8. John 6:10  *needs 06 LE WHITE
9. usn04limited
10. BusaSamuri
11. Grumpy
12. Oldroller
13. busa-rich
14. SpeedGeek</span></span>

Arey * i guess not?

Anyone Else?
We are hoping for around $235 + or - $10 (plus shipping)

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Also.. if anyone has recently purchased this.. please give comments about the product.
What about color matching? Will they come painted? I have the much debated 06LE what will I need to do for color matching? If I can get color maching with the lights included I'm in.
Also.. if anyone has recently purchased this.. please give comments about the product.
Fit and color is great.  It comes color matched to stock colors.  I have the previous model with different signals.  Everything else is the same.

I don't really have any good pics of it, but here a shot with the red/amber lenses.


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If anyone is interested- I set up the deal for TCI- we are the Canadian Distributor for Mototeck. Whoever is setting this up, PM me and I will get the best deal I can for you guys.
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