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Dis in my way!
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I wanted to let everyone know that I have sent all monies raised for members in need to them....

RSD has been taken care of

Pipefighter248 has been taken care of

Bentvalve has been taken care of....

I dont want to put the totals on the board but I will say that the outpouring of generosity is absolutely refreshing. This board has been around for about 7 years. Every time I start to wonder if the site still has the focus that I intended you guys pull something like this off. I am very proud to be a part of this group and I know that you not only speak of friendships and sacrifice you live it and show it. How great is it that we pulled as much as we did together for the members.......

Great job, you all make me proud...

It is amazing to me that we can come together like this to help people that we have never and may never actually meet! Great site, second home for most. I hope that other online forums have a similar spirit, but somehow, I doubt it. Thanks for keeping us up and running CAp!
The board is the reason I am a rider (not just a busa but the lifestyle) all of you mods have done a great job.

Cap, you brought the org back from a terrible situation.

You ALL have done a all of us a great justice.

I am a member for life.
Other online forums...not a chance. Well one but that's a site of nothing but friends-not even close to as big as this one.
Bottom line, glad to be hear. Wish I found it sooner!!!
I'm Glad I'm a part of the family.



Very cool indeed... I only wish I was in a better financial position that would enable me to do more~
That is why we all stay here no matter what bike or thing we move onto in life, this is truely a second family to me
this place is proof that good people do still exist

there isn't any other place that i have found even close...

i wish that i had found it much sooner but now that i have, i'm here for keeps...

thanks cap and everyone else that have kept this place and the spirit it embodies alive, you guys and gals rock
Good to be apart of a 3rd family... My family, my Air Force/Military family and the .org family!