DMV Tags


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Back in the US for a short week then gone to Deuchtland again for a long stay.

All my tags expire in July and in NC we have to do DMV inspections, I only had today to do four bikes and it was raining crazy so we had to ride them to the dealer one by one in pouring rain.

Interesting to feel the different tires in the rain:

The Busa BT016 tires stuck to the wet pavement like glue.
The Gixxer PP2 broke traction, a bit easier but not bad.
The dirt bike Metzler knobbies stuck like glue, I normally only get 1,200 miles a set, so that is probably why.
The Harley with the stock Harley Michelins were like being on roller skates. A little bit of throttle and the back snakes, a bit too much front brake and the front starts washing out. Now I know why most Harley riders ride their back brake.

Glad I am done, have four wet ones to go wipe dry.