California License DMV Skill Test


How many have taken the California DMV Motorcycle Skill Test on their Hayabusa.
It took me more than one try to get it. The trick for me was using the back brake only while completing the circle section of the course.

What's it like in other states?
How difficult?


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I would never recommend taking the DMV test on any bike. Taking the MSF beginners riding course is the way to go.


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I was laughed at by the employees at the DMV and by a biker standing in line. But I went out and passed it easily. Had to do the start and stop three times because she failed to get the stopwatch started on the first two go rounds. I took it easier on the third per her request. I also had the pleasure of doing this in an area that had potholes and pee gravel everywhere. :laugh:


I didn't it was all that difficult. But I know a few that took it 3 to 4 times before they passed. (I did it on the first time.)


I took the msf instead. I had went down to dmv on the busa one evening to check out how tuff it was. After an hour or so messin' with that damn circle...ya screw it i'll take the course.


South Carolina has a test that is very fair, not extremely difficult, but if you did not practice you would fail. Passed this the first try.

In Georgia, not an extremely difficult test to pass, but it is very thorough.
In Dalton a few years back, they did have a complete jerk that failed any and every body just because he could.

Tennessee had the easiest test I have ever seen. I took my bike to the DMV in TN for a friend of mine, the instructor told him to right down to a Stop Sign and turn around and come back - The instructor stood and slobbered all over some guys Harley (good looking Fat Boy), and didn't even watch my friend ride down the block.

Alot of years in the Military is how I have seen so many different states give their motorcycle test.


the one here is the same road course that you take in a car...basically just around the circles / 8s / or start-stops. pretty easy, but that was 12 years ago...maybe it's changed since then


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I'm grandfathered in, got my motorcycle license when I was 14, just a test back then, don't know about now..


i didn't have to take it in calif 4 of us took the M.S.C and used there bike to pass the coruse and just had to do the writen test so easy and we all pass now we ride hard


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the one here is the same road course that you take in a car...basically just around the circles / 8s / or start-stops. pretty easy, but that was 12 years ago...maybe it's changed since then
Same here, our test is just like this.

I took my test at the CA DMV on my Honda Interceptor, but that was 21 years ago. :laugh:


Here in FL they changed to mandatory MSF Course (unless you already had a MC endorsement on your license). All new riders must attend a MSF Course ($200) and then just go down to DMV the following Monday morning for a updated license.

From what I'm told, the MSF providers are linked into the DMV somehow so theres no need to provide proof when you show up for your upgraded license...

head east busa

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Passed a busa no problem key was to idle through never even used the throttle. Just practice a little should be easy after you get the feel of the bike.:thumbsup:


I took the class in ohio. It was $55 but I was under 18 when I did this so it was free! I just make sure I go back to ohio when I need a new license. I still have to take that damn safty class for the military every year though.


You can rent a scooter or a Ninja250 and passed at the first shot. Would be tougher with a bigger bike especially a Busa. Otherwise MSF beginner course is your best bet.

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