Hayabusa fails DMV inspection

I would have failed it just coz it aint a Michelin lol . .
Michelin is not that popular this side of the pond. I could be out of touch though, as I ride around 1,000 miles a year only, so I don't know what is the best out there today/

For me on the street traction is not that important, so I try something a bit harder and thought these Perelli's would give me more than 3,000 miles.

Bike has 14,400 miles on it and if I replace these it would be my 6th set of tires. When I am out in the boonies though, those tires work pretty hard.

All that said, my chain at this mileage is still on the original factory adjustment, and I am still under 1" free chain play. Think I am the only one though who does zero chain maintenance, because I believe dust plus oil or grease is the worst thing to wear out sprockets and chain rollers where they rotate over the bushings. In short, any open chain drive which is lubricated and subjected to road dust is grinding paste doing its job rapidly to wear out parts.

I'll measure the chain stretch and shoot a video, when next I replace tires.