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We went over this one not too long ago but I was driving in OKC this morning and I saw gas for 84 cents and gallon for regular unleaded and 90 cents for premium unlead. Can anyone top that... I havent seen gas so cheap since early 90's

Here in Hawaii, gas is like 1.65 for the cheap stuff and 2.00 for the good stuff. If your in the military, or have access to the one base gas station, then its 1.40 and 1.60 respectively.
Current low is 79¢ in Fayetteville, GA. And, yep, the highest is $1.99 in Kahului, HI (sucks to be you guys
) Although, do you really even need a car in Hawaii? I get good enough gas mileage on the bike to not even care if I pay that much, even when I do ride daily. Different story on the gas-guzzling land boat of mine.  

Here's a gas price-watch link for your viewing enjoyment:
Here in Ontario, Canada the avg price is around $0.60 per litre.
Early in 2001 it was as high as $0.85 per litre. Both prices are for regular fuel. the good stuff runs around $0.11 per litre more.
Gas in my area of California is 1.01 per gallon for reg. 1.14 for super. On monday night I was at L.a.x. and had seen reg at 0.87per gallon
Today prices were 97cents a gallon for unlead and 102 for premium
Alaska is a big place, so it only follows the gas prices are 'big' also.  $1.60 gal. for premium is average. This is the lowest I have seen them all year.  
We refine gasoline, diesel, etc. up here, but the oil companies give lame excuses as to the high prices.
I have seen the prices jump in hours when crude goes up, but when the price drops, it takes weeks (if we're lucky) or months for the price to drop if at all.
Where I work, the nearby villages have to pay $2.50 gal. on up (not premium).

I live 1 hour north of Sydney Australia and with the current exchange rates from Aussie to US dollars we are paying around $3.30 / gal.Our dollar is worth half US and we pay around 82 cents per litre.

New Zealand pays 99c a litre and has done for years.They have a subsidised fuel price.
Well here in good old England it is around £3.20 a gallon (cheap eh!).Convert that into your Dollars and what a fu--in rip off.I love England and am very proud but we get absolutley slaughtered with taxes.
What I don't understand is how prices are so #### cheap here. I'm paying 97¢ a gallon for gas. Last summer, cheapest I could get was $1.60! And there wasn't a war in the Middle East back then.
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