Best roads


The Watcher
I-395 North= very few cars, very fast road
Most scenic= CT 169 goes from MA. to south CT.
RT 49 from Sterling CT. to the ocean
CT. Turnpike Connector (I-395 to RT 6 west)= very very very fast road.
Palomar Mountain...
Ortega Hiway (74)
The S2 Hiway out in the desert

Just to name a few. All fast and twistie...

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Glendora Mountain Road.

12 miles of pristine banked blacktop.
No traffic
No cops
Very technical and challenging

E-mail me if you live in So.Cal and want to hit one of the finest twisties in california
Come on gang, there is only 3 roads in the country that are Best? I think not.
Any back road in SE WI Kettle Moraine area fast twisties slow ones lone deserted staights and one spot the local refer to as roller coaster road with big bottom dropping hills "jumped the second on once at 100mph" scared the stuff outta me . We got it all.
California....Nevada....hy 338  bridgeport ca to wellington nv.
is one of my fav's. in either direction..
The sickest road i ever rode on with the ca, north out of calistoga..slow and technical..tightest turns anywhere i think...and way back i remember hy 49 ca, between coulterville and oakhurst...lot's of good stuff ..and hy 26 ca,
mokealume hill off hy49 straight east into the out for deer.. then hy 50 east outta fallon nv,sheez could go on and would be fun to ride some of your fav's though also...ride safe...
Ok lessee, in Los Angeles area, Mulholland by the Rock Store, Lake Hughes road by Castaic, Angeles Crest, Upper Big Tujunga road, Sand Canyon off the 14fwy, just to name a few.
In Lake Geneva, IL. there is a little road off the side of the highway that is 22 miles of curves curves & more curves... Nice scenery too
Just got a new '02 Busa, silver/gray, today.  I'm looking forward to taking it to North Ga. Mountains.  Great twisties, Hwy 60 from Suches to Morganton, Ga. Hwy 129 has 2 lanes uphill twisties, Richard Russell Parkway, Warwoman Road out of clayton, ga.  I could go on and on about the great roads.
Here in the UK when the weather holds up, the place to be is Scotland.The A82 from Fort William to Inverness has to be one of the best.70 miles of sweeping fast open corners,through some of the most beautiful scenery along the shore of Loch Ness,(if you have time to look).

Saddle road baby! Awesome ride about 50 miles accross I lost count but sometimes I call it 200 turns probly more actually. I'll try and post some video here soon. ( Hwy 200 ) Hwy 250 - Kohala is awesome twisties too & Hwy 11 has lots of straits 200mph + see below


Lake Berryessa from Vacaville, CA to Clear Lake, CA.
Big sweeping curves, some tight twisties, and a few
balls our straits. Got everything. Loads of bikes
out at 4 Corners Store on Sat. and Sun.
Closest best = Canyon lake / Tortilla Flats - winding canyon road wit many twisties. very technical many hairpins with rock face on one side and drop off on the other.

Longest best = Salt river canyon - another winding canyon road, seems to go on forever, slightly higher speed and longer but very technical.
Just about any road east of Fayetteville Ar. - Hwy 45 East is where I usually hit 175 or so, Hwy 7 between Fayetteville and Jasper is a freshly paved high speed twisties route, the "pig trail" very tight twisties with major elevation changes...the list goes on and on.... the roads are so good because it rarely freezes down here, little weather damage, no sand on the roads. The scenery is incredible, middle of the Ozark mountains, and most police and sheriff depts have a "no chase" rule. As you might guess, motorcycling is huge in this part of the country and the sport bikes out number the cruisers. Lots of real good riders, many go over to Hallett (sanctioned track, very nice) in Oklahoma for events and schools. Northwest Arkansas is great for two and three day trips, great camping, fishing and boating. We usually have a chase truck with gear, beer and tools behind us. Fayetteville is also home to the third largest bike festival in the nation, Bikes, Blues and BBQ, daily attendance last year was 154,000.
Oh, ya...the above post is why I have a little over 2300 on the busa and she needs new rubber, we ride side to side...
We've got some really nice rides here in Western Canada, too many to list actually !! If anyone visits, I'll be sure to take you there