Went for a little 300 mile ride and found on heck of a bridge.

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So its Sunday morning in Salem Va. Decided to go for a little ride. Left out of Salem on RT 311. This road is really fun crossing three mountains into West Virginia. Headed west on I 64 to Lewisburg WV. Nice town to stop and grab a bite to eat. So after a quick bite I am headed West again to RT 60. This road is well traveled but is really fun quite a few turns and curves. And the best thing is out in the middle of no where. So I find RT 19 and head south to Fayetteville WV. There I find on of the most amazing feats of modern engineering. Pictures really do no justice here. 876 ft up from where i took the picture to the roadway above. so after hanging out for a couple of hours and riding down into the gorge on what i could best describe as a cow trail, I head south on to I 77 to Bland Va. From Bland on Rt 42 to Rt 100 in Dublin to Rt 11 back home. Really nice ride. I hope the pictures uploaded correctly.



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Suprised you didn't see DC and his group around. They left out about 8am heading to the same bridge.

I had log splitting to do all morning...

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