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    Power Loss With Fat Tire

    LOLz I have been off this board for 5+yrs and this debate still rages on!!!
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    Bye Bye Busa...

    I was thinking the same thing. This is the method I used (street version) when I 1st got my busa. Congrats to OP on new scoot enjoy!
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    ever used PIT-ECK parts

    I got their undertail. It works and all I just dont like it. Now for my constant lament that mototec went out of busines.
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    One of the greatest/entertaining threads

    I haven't been on here for awhile and this is the first post I clicked...:rofl: You guys still rock:thumbsup:
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    Lost the busa tonight...

    Wow that sucks I am sorry to hear.
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    Les Grossman is back yo!

    OK...I have a confession, I didn't realize that was tom cruise in tropic thunder till the end. :whistle: At the end when they zoomed in on him before he turned on the music it hit me:laugh: I would love to see a les grossman movie!:thumbsup:
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    Career Advice

    I would like to get into educating and mentoring young people. I would love to teach but like you I dont have a degree, but a wealth of knowledge and experience that can not be measured on paper. I believe mentoring would be a great place to start getting your feet wet on the way to...
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    Bike wont start. Not sure why.

    Can you give more info on which relay it was up front? I have a similar problem, only difference is mine will sometimes start after repeatedly pressing the start button.
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    new harley commercial

    Just checking how to embed with the greatest harley vid ever [/MEDIA]
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    new harley commercial

    Thx appreciate the assist!:beerchug:
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    new harley commercial

    :laugh::rofl::thumbsup: - Honest Harley Davidson Commercial[/url] sorry dont know how to embed
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    OMG I'm still in shock...

    $500 a year with SF:thumbsup:
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    GIPro and Bazzaz

    :poke: :poke: :poke: Whats a tre? :whistle:
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    Just Watched Food Inc.

    MAde me want a nice juicy steak:whistle: I'm weird like that???