what were your first impressions when you first rode a busa?


The first time I got to open the busa up was a rush.
this bike is a joy to ride- fast- smooth and stable. everytime I ride is a new thrill.
When I bought mine all the staff at the dealership walked outside and there was a running bet to see if I would crash! man the power was incredible, I could not believe it.
My first impression was Holy poop this thing can move! The only bikes that I've ridden were my dad's 650 yamaha heritage special and his H.D. 1200 sportser. It would be fair to say this is my first bike.... just don't tell state farm that:) Anyway, It just begs for more. More throttle, harder turns, I feel like I haven't even began to scratch the suface performance wise...
My brother-in-law purchased one of the last Busa's in the Atlanta area in August '99. I went to the dealership to see him get it. He was going to have it loaded on his truck for the trip home. He asked me if I would like to ride it first. Since I just "happened" to bring my riding gear, I happily agreed. I should never have gotten on the bike. HOLY COW! I had one a week later. Had to go to Birmingham, AL to find it (after calling dozens of dealers). He had calls from as far away as Canada for the bike, but thankfully, I was the lucky one to get it. Copper/Silver - just beautiful, and the most awesome bike I've ever owned.
I traded in a 600 for the Busa. My first reaction was "HOLY poop!!" That was all it took. I love the power and the feel.
I rode one for my first time today. This thing is so much eaiser to handle then my gsxr1100. The bike was such a joy that I bought it. I paid 7300 for a 2000 model, blue and silver. It has 10960 miles.
Congrats on the new bike, you've got a lot of fun in store... The Busa is a great ride
I bought the busa brand new so i had the pleasure of running it in. As i started off sedately i was struck by how well the injection system has been mapped, this has got to be one of the smoothest throttle responses on an injected bike yet ( as i have rode injected Triumphs i know how bad they can be).

I was impressed by how easy this bike was to ride sensibly and how good the fuel consumption figures can be, (10 miles to the litre)

Then i completed its 1000 mile run-in and thought, "know its time to see how this bloody bike goes":confused:?

Like a f/jet fighter on after-burn weeeeeeeeeeh :devil: :devil:
:cool: Bought my Blue/Silver 2001 new. Watched them take it out of the box and put it together late in the afternoon. They put the battrery on the charger and I told them Id be in in the morning to pick it up. They fired it up and set the idle. We let the paint burn off the exhaust for a while while they put the inspection stiker and temp plate on. I thought that they would at least go ride it around the block before I got on it but they said that they didnt need to so I got to ride her first. I did some "slow flight" in the parking lot for a bit, the important stuff. Starts, stops, turns. Think I even did some backing up, just trying it on. Went to the drive way and took her up the street. VERY nice. Went back to the dealer and got all of the rest of my paper work. I put the first 520 miles on her that day. I bough it out of town and rode it back to Dallas. Took it in to the dealer here the next day and had her serviced out. Ive had it six months now and have 6500 miles on it already. It took me about 1500 to realy "wear it". ITS AN AWSOME MACHINE.
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The Busa is my third bike. The first two certainly didn't prepare me
for riding the Japanese falcon. I bought it without riding it, as is typical
at most dealers anymore. The salesman went out with me on his
TL1000 to show me some good twisty roads near the dealership.
I was hanging on for dear life as he went wheely-ing past me down
the highway. After about 20 miles of this we were back at the
ship. I then headed home. When I hit the interstate I set the needle
on 100 and kept it that way for 40 miles. That is about the max
allowed in the first 600 mile beak in period. After those rides nothing
exists that I am aware of that could tear the Hayabusa away from
Coming from a GSXR750, my first impression was COMFORT! The busa is truly the perfect all around sportsbike. I loved the clock, fuel gauge, huge cushy seat, and how well it fit me (I'm 6'4", 260lbs). The bike has just unbelievable torque and power, I love how easily it pulls my wife and I when we ride. I used to stall my 750 sometimes when she was with me. On the busa, its like I can take off without even giving it throttle, it doesnt even know we are sitting on her!

The comfort factor is what really sold me. My wife loves the bar around the rear seat, and how much bigger and softer this seat is compared to the gixxer. The bike also doesnt vibrate like the gixxer, it's as smooth as a hard boiled egg! It's just the perfect bike, it's fast, comfortable, looks awesome, and handles great too!

As opposed to the ZX-12, with the pizza box for a ram air scoop under the headlights, yeesh!

Case and point

I was seduced. The moment I laid eyes on my SE Busa I absolutely had to have it. Nevermind that I wasn't even in the market for a new bike. The next day I started the paperwork and she was mine. Good thing too, since moments after I had told the dealer I wanted it, he started getting offers over the phone from all over.

A few days later (weekend in there) I was able to pick it up. Just listening to it idle in the parking lot had me convinced I'd done the right thing. Even stock it was so deep and powerful sounding. I hopped on and off I went.

The Busa was so much smoother than I feared it would be. God-like power and torque to be sure, but gentle and easy to control. She felt a little heavy standing still at first, but once on the road the balance was fantastic and confidence inspiring.

On the interstate the acceleration (even taking it easy by following the break-in advice) was amazing. It made my old VFR800 feel like a VW Bug. And the sounds just got better as the revs rose. This was no raspy, mechanical, wind-up toy. This thing had power -- oops... I'm doing 100 mph. OK so the speed comes on fast. :)

The rest of the ride home and throughout the next few days I came to appreciate how comfy the Busa was. The gauges were well laid out and visible in a normal riding position. Even the wind protection was better than I had hoped. Every mile was a pleasure and every day I liked my Busa more.
The first thing I noticed when I sat on the bike I would buy the next day is that it was wider than my 93 GSXR, and it was heavier, but knowing how much horsepower it had made me think it was going to feel light when I rode it.  I was right.  It had smooth power, (although I had to get used to the injection).  I broke it in like the manual said so I didn't get "on it" until the first oil change.  I was getting on the freeway and twisted the throttle hard and my hands wanted to slip off the handlebars, and my pants started sliding down, WHOA!! I thought, be ready for the power next time!  So I held on with my knees, hunched forward a little and wapped the throttle again and couldn't wipe the smile off my face since.  I've had it for over a year now and I still like to just look at it.
Very first impression was Wow, this is still in break in. What happens after break in, well I found out.
Very first impression was Wow, this is still in break in. What happens after break in, well I found out what happens. Now I have been seeing what happens each timne i add 50 more hp.

:D :D
I think this was a topic before but I will add my impression anyway as you can see be the signature below I have had a couple of bikes those where my favorites. The last was a modified GSXR 1100 129 HP at the rear wheel 1989 very light . I found my Busa used the guy was about 40 the Busa was a 2000 I bought it in 2001 with 800 miles his wife wanted something they both could ride I guess . I hadnt ridden one but I was in love with the way it looked always telling my buddies I was going to get one . This one was the exact color I wanted and everything I looked all over and found this one after I had givin up even looking all over for a new one for 7500.00 3 months before winter you can find some real good deals . Oh I should mention I really started looking when my friend and I got our butts handed to us while trying to race a GSXR1000 . Bad he beat us in any gear any time . I said a Busa that wouldnt happen so I looked . He let me test drive it with my girlfriend on I thought I was in love it was heavier feeling wider alittle more comfortable (its hard to get off a bike you have had for 6 years and feel real comfortable on another) . I opened the throttle in 3rd expexcting a wheelie hmmm nothing it went OK . OK 2nd my 1100 would come up in 2nd still no wheelie it pulled good but I really wasnt beating on it either short shifting 8000 Rpms (hey it wasnt mine yet). So I let her off and took off nailed it in first it started to come up hit 2nd it went back down . I thought it pulled good but all the hype I thought it would rip my arms off 3rd gear wheelies stock and all . Not that I thought it was slow but all I read I expected more . it handles alittle heavier than my older gixxers but I havent messed with spring rates or preload or anything yet brakes are incredible way better smoother throttle response way better wheelies with fuel injection I love the looks . Then I joined this board and discovered a whole world of possibilities ATRE's Air box mods block off plates small free mods that turn it into a new bike . I am working on it this winter I have the PCII and am moding out the airbox I did add a Two Brother 4-2-1 exhaust mostly for looks (I dont like twin pipes) and some sound colored undertail and tire hugger ( got to hate those fenders huh) second look seat skins and tank bra Chrome Hayabusa covers for the brake new chain and anodized blue sprocket and clutch resevoirs and gas cap decal (I think it looks cool ) I am waiting for my bonus check my mods this year will be, Chrome and blue Candychrome wheels ,chrome peg brackets ,swingarm ,rear brake trailing arm . Blue candy chrome back grab bar ,Painted inner fairings, mirrors and painted calipers . Clear front lenses. I am looking for a Iridium windshield . I want to do Small air box mod ,moving the air temp sensor ,Nick Smith Ram air mod ,BMC air filter ,connect the PCII ,Pair block off plates ,ATRE , removal of fuel screens and fuel mod . Then I will have to do the chrome frame next year . For this year I am going to polish it . I have all the plastic off the bike it looks funny without it .
My first impression is the same as my 200th impression.....My adrenilin pumps every time I fire up the busa!!!!