hayabusa my first bike and ripping the highway


My first summer riding a motorcycle and having a blast.started riding around april.i was so slow i rode with my hazards on the first two rides so cars would past me up.it took me forever to get to fifty miles an hour.now im making cuts on the freeway down shifting to 2 and 3.i love this thing.anybody have any new bie stories to share please do.especially if the busa is your first bike
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Invest in full gear, take a rider course or two and get some easy miles under your belt.
Yeah i been ridind all the time i put about 6000 miles on it alteady. My goal was to ride as much as possible this summer so i would be comfortable on it next summer.cause the first 2rd00 miles i was concentrating too hard to enjoy the ride.im definately still wet behind the ears but definately comfortable enough to enjoy it
Just remember this..... when you think you have this bike mastered, your going to get a rude awaking....

Drive safe....
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When I bought my first bike it was a 2003 GSX-R 600 Alstare edition. I took it out of my driveway and onto the neighborhood streets. I was riding around and thought to myself "I am hauling ass, I should slow down". I looked down at the digital display and it said 18 MPH. I still laugh to this day about that experience.
I took the Motorcycle Safety Course in the summer of 2011 and those two days were my first time ever sitting on a bike. I never rode before that or even after. I just didn't want to buy a 600 then a 1000 before getting the bike that I ultimately wanted. So on last Saturday, I picked up a brand new 2012 Hayabusa with 0 miles on it. Last Saturday as in the 28th of September. My first ride on it was on Sunday and I'm slowly getting comfortable, but remaining safe.
To no911forme your totally right.i think the one of the reasons im still alive is i keep telling myself that.
Thats hilarious sous yeah i thought i was getting on the throttle in class....in the parking lot ha ha.i thought that little 250 was fast.
Well uncle jimmy i would suggest riding on side streets and any empty long roads during light traffic hours.wait a few months before you get on the freeway.dont try to test the bikes limits just try to make it from point a to point b without dying.and gradually improve your skills take your sweet time.i was getting passed up by minivans and compact cars when i started but thats ok.i got made fun of and honked at for being slow and not very good.who cares!not many can say their first bike is a busa.cause its not easy to learn on.its stressful ha ha
Bigboy, I started out on Sunday going down some of the neighborhood roads for an hour. Then one of my buddies met with me and we took off on some back roads with slight twists. On Monday, I took a 10 mile trip to my office in traffic by myself and my buddy told me to ensure that people notice that there's a bike on the road. I am not concerned about the limits of the bike right now. I just have to learn the bike. In December it will be in a crate on it's way to Germany and I won't ride again until March or April. Germany is the wrong place to learn a bik
Strange choice as a 1st bike especially when its clear you weren't truly ready for the road.......but they are easy to get on with and you survived so your doing something right.
Get the gear and stop worrying about the cost....compare it to the medical bill if you come off let alone the lost income.
yeah i totally wasnt ready for the road ha ha.i rode only on empty side streets then slowly moved up as my skills improved.i never go outside my skill level.i take itty bitty steps up here and there.you guys are right ill get my gear asap.