The old formula Honda plastic cleaner and waxing your bike...


Just got my bike this year. 2006 custom paint and the guy I got it off of took great care of it. He had a can of the old formula honda plastic cleaner. He said it's the best in the business but they changed the formula. At this point I'm out and went to the honda store to see if he had the old formula around. The guy that owned the shop said that honda sold the formula to a company called amreo and he had it in stock. So I got a can haven't used it yet. I was wondering if anyone has heard of this the product is called "original bike spirits".

Before I get into using this I was going to was the busa and wax it. My neighbor recommended as a wax go with mothers California gold Brazilian Carnauba wax anyone use this before. I have used mother's product for chrome and it's all I use. Just wanted feedback about the wax. I'm just wanting to be very careful before I use anything on my bike.

thanks in advance!

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I have a case of the Amrep...have used it every day on my bikes and helmets for years.
Not sure of use on custom paint though...


Man when I used to work at honda we sold cans on cans of it....I took home cases... that was good can red label...I use adams americana paste wax ive used...order online at adams polishes


O.K. I just went ahead a used the amrep and finished with the mothers product! All I can say is WOW! Better then new looking bike wheels and everything! Had to laugh because my girls little boy said "I can't see the ladies anymore because all I see is myself!"


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I can't lie. I too was addicted to the old Honda Polish..

Then the org turned me onto Pledge........

I've never looked back. :beerchug:


Honda Gloss was the name for the old stuff. I used it on the Rune. Original Bike Spirits is good stuff too, especially during bug season. You can pretty much wipe them right off after a ride if you use it regularly enough. Our mosquito population has exploded with the recent rains and I bet I splattered 500 of them at the track Friday. We haven't had any issues with custom paint using either one.


yup thats it..but they also had a can back in 2005-06 that said Honda Spray Cleaner that was the bees knees......i swore by that stuff big time

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