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Was wondering if anybody has used this on their car for a quick polish and what was the result? Not to replace waxing but to get a better shine w/out all the waxworks everytime. I've read that waxing is for protection but polish is for shine.

I would only consider using after washing and drying the car.


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I just did my RX-8 This weekend with Honda Pro-Shine. It works great, but I think that some of the newer spray cleaner/polishes specifically for cars may be the way to go. Don't get me wrong, the RX looks great and there wasn't any concern about overspray or residue, it's just that I went through a whole bunch of it.

I use the "California Car Dusters" to wipe off surface dirt and grit, works like a charm for quick "dustings"

Hell the California car Duster has also found it's way into the house, NOTHING dusts better than these things. It traps the dust as well, doesn't just push it around.

So I'd say hit it with a Car Duster, then the Pro-shine or similar product. Should work great.

For the record I didn't wash the RX-8 first. I just dusted it, then spay and and wipe with micofiber towels. No Foolin. Been cleaning my Black Busa for 3 years now using the exact same equipement and she shines like new.


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Thanks, Keith. I test spotted and it worked great! But you're right, could probably just use a car specific spray polish. So much easier than the "Karate Kid" method.

I have a 1' wide red commercial grade floor duster which is used on the car only. Yours probably works better. I just like washing it first because I'm concerned about rubbing dirt particles around scratching my clearcoat.

BTW, I got the car you almost bought, the G35 6-SPD (black/black)...actually it's more like the wife's.


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Honda Polish ROCKS! I love that stuff. I tried it on my car a long time ago and went through almost a half a can. Was a lot more work putting it on the car. I think it was because of the bigger surfaces. Never did it again as it was way too much hassle on the car.

The first time I went to Bike Week in Daytona with my HD, I took a can of that stuff and was polishing my HD and another guy was using Harley's version of it. He kept looking at my bike then his and finally asked to try the Honda Polish. After he tried it, he said he would never buy the Harley crap again. Turns out that HD wants a couple bucks more per can than Honda does. Hmmm?


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I got the Honda Polish wipes from a dealership as a gratuity. Put them in the tank bag and use them on my face shield to clean the bugs. Works wonders.

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