tatoos...who has em?

Ain't got none...Wife said thats great..when i met her 7 years ago..but maybe the kanji symbol..The busa rocks....doh!
Doh!!!!! and just when you think it's safe to go outside....

Cap would never do that to me, would ya Cap???

here we go again with the close-up knuckle shot... heh.
Joel, you get too much sun.. (jealous)

Higg, your back looks to be in good shape for being in bad shape... wonders what wives can do for us, the back and all...


I will post mine tomorrow, but I warn you, shades are required. No sun here in 4 months.
No pictures of the tat, but I have a Sundevil on my right calf. That will be all for me, it hurt like hell, or I'm just a wimp to put myself through the pain again.