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Ok with 1127 to 1299's explanation of how he came to his screen name I got curious as to how everyone else got theirs. I got mine because, obviously, I'm a guy and I drive an ASCS Sprint Car, hence the name racr, I was thinking of spelling it racerguy and then when I started to use it it was taken up on a lot of different boards so I just removed the E and that did one of two things 1. unique (to me at least) name and 2. made it easier to type out. So with that all said let's hear how ya'll came up with your screen names.
I had a yellow and black jacket, black gloves, and yellow/black/grey helmet for my 00 750...My brother told me I look like a Power Ranger...thus the name "Yello_Ranger"....
Everyone would like to think that the 'ba' in bacharles stands for 'bad ass.' Well, let's just say that they are partly right...
Anyway, I'm from the simpler variety. The 'ba' stands for my first and middle name which is Brian Anthony...hence added with my surname Charles...you get BACharles. Nothin' hard about it at all...
Mine is a no brainer, hence blondie can always remember her login...

I live in Virginia, and I have a Busa...VaBusa...so simple, it's stupid...

nope Michelle....................mine is stupiderer..................just to make sure I wouldn't forget, I used my first name. Everyone at work calls me Scotty, so there you go!!!
well, mine has a story behind it.

I bought a K5 blazer, and after the 7" of lift, and 35's, my 7 year old (4 at the time) saw it and said "Mom that thing looks like it would throw mud in your eye. hence, the Mud N UR I

MUDNURI is the plate on the K5

.....and the name I use quite a bit on line

Jay, is my nick name. I also fly model airplanes as one of my hobbies.

Hence...the screen name flynjay.

NO influence from the truck stop chain "Flyn J"

Well, that's my story.
Merged... The old with the new... Now it's just on Big happy Fuggin Thread.... Whoo hoo...

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same reason as Va.....just easy ro remember
#cruncherbusa...what I do to keep the lights on and myself fat & happy (busa helps with the happy part):cool:
Well my name is pretty simple. When I was a little younger I was real good in basketball so my coach use to call me silk, because I had smooth moves on the court. I started playing in the park and they called me slim because I'm 6'5". So I took the two and combined them hence Ssilkyslim. The big S is me and the little s is for the little people.
The 3rd comes from the area in New Orleans where I grew up. It's formally called the 3rd ward but I shortened it.
OK.. long story short~ I've had this s/n for over 20 years~ It was actually my 'handle' back in the days of playing on the CB (earlier version of internetting)~
It started back in CA when I was about 17 or so~ I was a hippie child that hung out with a lowrider club~ The Prez of the club liked the fact that I wasn't a wannabe (dress and act like the vato's)~ So one day he said I was like the "Joker" in a deck of cards... I can be myself and still fit in pretty much anywhere at any time~ Some time after, I was basically homeless~ Living off the land and staying with friends here and there~ At a party someone had said "Joker is living like a Gypsy"~ I put the two together and have been "GypsyJoker" ever since~  
Mine came from the 200mph Japanese Bullet Trains, also called Hayabusas.
The Japanese Bullet Train is called "Shinkansen", which literally translates to "new trunk line".

Okay now that I'm done being a smart ass .. my name ..

I've been "Bandit" forever, I think it stemmed from my liking of Bandit from Smokey and the Bandit. I had a boat in '91 that I named Bandit then traded it for another boat in '94, gave it the name Bandit 2 or banditoo with is number 2 and "also".

I wanted to be "Bandit" here on Hayabusa.org but "Bandit" is already taken so naturally I am banditoo ..
Back in college (1 yr ago) I was a real powerpuff girl fan and my favorite character was the one that looked like a crab and no one said his name they just called him 'HIM' but any body who ever watched knows who he really is
No im not a devilworshiper
My wife is always joking and telling me I'm PHAT.
(Pretty Hot And Tempting). I know she really means
FAT (Firm Assed Tushy). KIDDIN! My first name is ROY. Thus Phatroy. TA DA!

have a busa
been down once

i hope i dont have to change my name any time soon!

it hurts and its expensive!

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