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HP ,horsepower junkie. first bought busa, then fullexhaust, pcr bmc filter, then 1397 bore kit. i think i need some crack to curb this addiction.
Ok with 1127 to 1299's explanation of how he came to his screen name I got curious as to how everyone else got theirs. I got mine because, obviously, I'm a guy and I drive an ASCS Sprint Car, hence the name racr, I was thinking of spelling it racerguy and then when I started to use it it was taken up on a lot of different boards so I just removed the E and that did one of two things 1. unique (to me at least) name and 2. made it easier to type out. So with that all said let's hear how ya'll came up with your screen names.

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The 00 (zero's) are from my 2000 H-D, and the stkr is painted on the trunk. See the picture below.

Prefer to think of mine as being silver instead of grey, so Black/Silver 'Busa (BSBusa). I'm not the smallest person in the world, hence the 'Big!'
for those who didn't read the other tread.
i have added more info in my signature to make it easier.

it has to do with cc's
Always an interesting question
 I asked it as well some time back but sometimes those threads get lost (but i found it!).  

and as Oracle put it in the above thread, The Original Post of the question.  
mine is comlicated code for a recipe to make the best damn pickles you've ever tasted using only sugar, bacon, and 1 tablespoon of worchestiere sauce.
i live in italy and the highway is called the"autostrada" meaning car road, so strada for road. and bussa, because... well... two s's is cooler than 1. so translation, roadbusa.
My old company that I once loved dearly, until MCI took over ( UUNet ) and of course my bike that I love dearly...
Mine came from the 200mph Japanese Bullet Trains, also called Hayabusas.

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