Added cloud tags to the forum


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So what is a cloud tag you ask? At the bottom of each thread there is a place that you can add descriptive words to a thread. If you are the person creating the thread you can put 5 words that describe what the topic is about. If you are just viewing the thread you can add two words. What does this do for you? Well once you start getting good at this folks can start to add words on the bottom like oil change or tires or wheelie. You can search by tags so if you searched for wheelies all the threads that have been tagged as wheelie would show up... It will take some time but it definately will help you find threads that you dont want to ever forget. Its called a cloud because everyone can add words to threads so while you might have added wheelie to one thread 10 other people might have added the same word to 20 other threads. Over time when you searched for wheelie you would get a good listing of "Wheelies".

You can edit the tag list at anytime on any thread by going to the bottom of the message and you will see a new section called tags, on the far right you can edit them. Just add your words with a comma dividing them. You must have at least 4 letters in the words and no more than 100 long.

Let me know what you think...

Now get out there and start tagging threads...

One more thing... If you want to search by tags just go to the normal search are on the nav bar and you will now see " Tag search" just enter the word your looking for and viola all the threads will show up...

You said the majic word, explained were I could comprehend it:laugh:
Great idea Captain!
that is awesome you read my mind was thinking that the other night searching foe swingarm:laugh:

you are the best captain :bowdown:

ok il stop kissin your butt now:rofl:
Another thing... If you click on a tag on the bottom of the page it will list out all the threads that have the same tag. This could make it a lot easier to find similiar threads.