Sturgis on a hayabusa


Anybody want to go to Sturgis ...I'm still debating ,but I am 35 and an avid fan of all motorcycles ...I have ,to date ,rented three different model Harleys (in Denver ,Chicago and San diego) and taken an Indian Chief w. aftermarket pipes and those wideass handlebars,on a 3-day stint all over SoCal,also a rental...As a result I feel more complete as a motorcycle lover ,having sampled those legends.. I own a legend of a different kind .... A Silver/Gray 2002 Hayabusa and so far this year I've missed Daytona ,Myrtle Beach ,Honda Hoot and so on ...I've been to the Dakotas only once before, never to Sturgis... Every summer I must embark on a motorcycle adventure ,no summer is complete without one and as this summer of 2002 is flying by- I've set a new challenge for myself and set my sights on South Dakota!!!I get along with Harley riders - I respect them and they me -all that's needed is a little display of character and the love of the Open Road , and we're fine....So are there any fellow Busa riders with balls of steel that would be interested???Any of you allready been to Sturgis???Am I a hopeless idiot for even considering such an endeveour???
It's August 5-11.

I'm in Lincoln, Nebraska, which is an easy two day ride from there. Got two good friends who'd go, one on his Honda Valkyrie and the other on his Triumph Sprint ST.

Nice scenery up that way. If I get my bike in the next few weeks, I will seriously consider it.
All i have to say is keep a close watch on your bike, Stay away from guys with spiderwebs on their elbows, watch out for natives, and stay away from the bars (at least dont park your busa outside of one).
Great ,thank you for your response and tell me Bosch what year and  color  Hayabusa are you prospecting on...I just took a ride in my car for a bite to eat at IHOP and coming home what do I see....two bikes loaded down with bags, both Florida plates ( I live in Louisiana)apparently on their way home after a weekend trip...and one is a Busa...softluggage at the rear ,dual pipes underneath , just leisurely crusin' along Omen surely...I hope you do decide to meet up ...I think I would ship my bike to Denver and spend a day or two in Boulder ,nice place LOTS of scenic rides and then head north to Cheyenne and from there Black Hills National Forest...forget about the world for awhile...maybe if I'm lucky forget what century it is ...look at, and live the legend of old America ...a bygone era, when challenging nature and the elements was a must for survival.. voluntarily give up creature comforts -for the benefit of appreciting the simple fact of being a free man on a motorcycle in the mountains of The United States of America surronded by the most loyal and colorful motorcyclists the world will ever see.....  

If you plan on shipping your skooter, I highly recommend you check out  

The price they quoted to ship a Busa from a dealer I'm looking at was... No lie:  SIXTY DOLLARS.  Un-freakin' believeable.

Obvously with pricing like that, the customer is responsible for crating and insuring the motorcycle himself.  And the other biggie is that Forward Air will only ship it to their terminals.  You have to get it to and from there.

But man, for sixty bucks, that's really worth looking into, you know?  At least give them a call and see what they tell you.  Check on their website and see if they have terminals near your origination and destination locations. Let's see if I can get their terminal map to post here...


Oh yeah, forgot your original question...  I'm looking for a silver/silver '02 Hayabusa.  The blue/black color is nice too, but I'm going for the silver.  Right now I'm trying to hammer out final pricing from several dealers by e mail.   :whip:   :whip:
Thank you sooooo much for that info I will call them tomorrow and post what I found out ....additionally I am calling epowersports in Delray Beach FL to see what their "special pricing " is on their Hayabusas .They have an interesting web site ..Also I know that a dealer in Cambridge MN has 3 Blue/black for sale at $9495.00 Good luck and keep us posted...p.s where in the US do you live?

I'll be in Sturgis on my 02 sil/gr

And if you're a hopeless idiot for going on a Busa atleast you won't be the only one.


see you there.
Allright ,more suicidal eccentrics,I LIKE IT
Well RDG I just spoke with the police chief of Sturgis and he said to come on over and not worry!!!!As long as you stay out of the bars frequented by Bandidos and The Angels there should be no problems .In his own words the place was "like disneyland" and the anti foreign bike antics of the 70:s were long gone..I got on Sturgis website to view pictures from last years event and ...what a show...lot's of free-spirited women showing off their stuff and everyone seemed to have a blast!!!!Where is a good place to stay -campgrounds oK? How many people will you be bringing ?Ever been before?Anyone else interested c'mon grows some BALLS everyone ...let's get a group together
Sorry I'm a rambling idiot -I'll probably be the only Busa there
I better start working out with some heavier weights then

I'm doing a transcontinental this summer starting on July the 12th and making a 2-3 day run to lacrosse WI. I'll be there until the 3rd or 4th of August and then running Route 90 to Seattle. Looks like I'll be blasting right thru the middle of this mayhem............wasn't really planning on stopping just gonna push right thru........gotta boat to catch. Anyway, I'll keep my eye open for fellow Busa riders. Bustin out of Seattle on the 17th of August and hope to cross thru pikes peak and then on to Chicago and 81 it home. Wouldn't mind hooking up with a rider or two along the way. Might get a little lonely. Like being a pioneer...........Flying solo too.
Some say I'm crazy but I can't wait.......
I plan on being out there, will keep the board posted. It's going to suck riding out there with my brother and his $18,000 state of art Hardly David-Stone. I'll just be on idle and his bike will be blowing up. If I had $18,000 to blow on a bike I’d buy a Wing or BMW not no retro Hardly! If I wanted a retro I'd buy an English steed.

I have an employee of mine building a custom harley and whoever else I round up.
I like the free spirited woman thing. I've been to bike week in Daytona a few times and there was definitely some free spirits there.
Should be a great time. were planning on camping in my 1976 sportsman (classic. and the A/C works