Still Fighting Chapter III

#1 the call today from my lawyer...Pre-Trial is set for this Friday 8:15 am local (eastern)...nervous since i have never had to do all this "crap" before...get pissed just thinking about it :banghead::cursin:

head east busa

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your lawyer should handle 90% of it for you the first appearance may very well be your last based on the info you have for it good luck man.:thumbsup: :cheerleader::cheerleader:
sounds like you got what I call the cheerleader lawyer.

He makes his abilities sounds too good to be true and then makes excuses why the judge didn't give you what he claimed.

I have spent tons on lawyers over the years...and there are 2 main types: the straight shooter and the cheerleader.

I hope he can pan out what he has already claimed to provide you.

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