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well...said i would keep u all informed and it ALL ended today...Last friday i told the story of getting "WRONGED" for an 83 in a 55 while getting PASSED by 2 pickup trucks (the post is called HOW DO I WIN THIS)...hired a lawyer the VERY next day (one week ago today)...he scheduled a Pre-Trial for today...needless to say the outcome turned out VERY well...the 83 in a 55 got reduced to 59 in a 55 (which here in ohio anything 5 mph or less over the speed limit is ZERO points) 83 to a 55 went to a 59 in a 55 (no points) SUSPENDED 50.00 fine and had to pay court costs of 80.00...BUT my lawyer DID cost me 500.00...was it a win for me???...i think so...i have a job that REQUIRES me to carry a class B CDL...83 in a 55 is 28 mph over the posted limit which in ohio anything over 25 over is Wreckless Op which is at least a 6 month suspension which = NO JOB for me...i think it all turned out well for me...THANKS to ALL you fellow Busa Brothers and Sisters who read my posts and gave words of advice and or encouragement...GREATLY RELIEVED...THE BIRD :cheerleader: :beerchug: :bowdown:


thats good to hear. im sure $ wise, it wasnt the best "win" but for keeping ur CDL and your job, i know id pay anything to keep both.

War Bird 13

:cheerleader::cheerleader: GLAD to hear !!!

Was the cop in court ?
No...he didn't show...and didn't expect him to...he knew he was wrong when he did lawyer said it was a classic case of "quota filling" the "f" does a cop clock 3 vehicles at once anyway with basic radar?...was hoping to hear him explain that trick...but it's over and NO disrespect to him or the system :thumbsup:

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Alright man good for you sucks that it cost you but when you weigh the overall peotential results you still won.


BUt his quota cost you 580.00. To bad you had to spend the money to keep a bogus ticket off your record


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If the officer didn't show your lawyer should of asked for a dismissal? It's a shame you got rocked for $580. Glad you didn't get the points but you should've gotten off not guilty.

I really don't like the State Patrol here. I think they profile motorcyclists and have taken them to task on my motorcycle show whenever the occassion arises. Wardie


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Didn't sound like a solid case and glad the judicial system agreed! :thumbsup:


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$500 sounds a bit steep for a lawyer to handle a speeding ticket. Mine was only $200 and made the ticket totaly disappear, not just reduced, and I was in the same over the limit range you were. But as long as you are happy with the outcome, that's what's important. Now get back to work :laugh:


Were you clocked with a doppler radar or a lazer? The doppler picks the "best target" and the lazer is very precise and only picks up what you aim it at.

Officers normally don't go to pre-trial hearings because it is only an arraignment. Your lawyer pleaded guilty or nolo on your behalf and the judge reduced the speed, which is also very common. Your lawyer wanted this taken care of without the officer being present, that way he can talk a lot of smack about "quotas.' Your lawyer didn't do you a favor and he walked with $500.00.
He was the only one who gained.

The points hurt more than the fine, especially for drivers with commercial driver's license. Most cops have no problem with speeds being reduced in court.

I'm glad it worked out to your satisfaction.


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Glad things worked out for you. Now go schedule yourself some track time so you don't have to worry about loosing your job!! :)


Nice! Glad it worked out w/ no points. Lawyer = nothing money can't solve. Especially in the judicial system.

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