Sorry topost this, BUT I need some prayers for..


We just recieved a phone call from my Aunt, telling us about it.

My cousin Neil's wife Amber and 2 of the 3 kids were just involved in a terrible accident.

here's what I know right now:

Amber (Neils wife) head injuries, was careflighted to Parkland Hospital.

Nicholos (5) was careflighted to Children's Medical Center, and is in a coma, with multiple injuries.

Katelyn (3) was treated for minor injusries including concussion, possible broken wrist/arm.

They were struck broadside by a Suburban, in an intersection in Ennis, and careflighted to Dallas, where they both are now in different hospitals.

Amber & Nicholos to the brunt of the impact, as they were on the same side. They had to cut her out of the car, unsure about lil' Nicky..

All I ask, is that you please pray for them, Teresa (1) is with my other Aunt Becky, and Neil and is Mom, are @ the different hospitals.

Thank you for your time and ty for letting this post stand.
Christmas @ their home in Rice, has been cancelled for tomorrow.
I just hope and pray that little Nick, comes out of the coma.

Very sorry to hear of this horrible accident. Our thoughts and hopes are with you during this difficult time!

Ok, thank you ALL again for your wellwishes.

Here's the *Updated Info* :


Stable, coherent, still in neck brace, moved to private room
Borken Pelvis
Right arm Fractured


Out of Coma
Off of respirator
Multiple Facial lacerations
Waiting on x-rays of wrist


safe in the arms of her father Neil

Thanks again..

Please be careful of others actions this Holliday..

Merry Christmas & GB you & your families.


Good to hear they are doing better, though.
Still in our prayers in Oklahoma, you know we have been there recently so our hearts in the King family go out to you.

Blessings to your family in the name of Yashua, the Messiah.

Hold tight your faith. All things work for good to those who belive.
Thanks, and so true..
I always have Faith, just requested Backup, and got it


and Happy Holidays to all.

Ron, I am sorry to hear about this but I am very glad to see that they are ok. All the best wishes and thought for you and your family.
Sorry to hear about your family... Please let us know if there is anything we can do .... and know that you all are in our prayers
I have told then of my request for their well bing and speedy recovery, they want me to convey their Gratitude, and me mine.

Thanks all and GB you and yours.

oops. I missed this thread when it was new.. You would surley have had my prayers..

happily mine weren't needed on top of the others it seems...

Wonderful that they have all improved, and hopefully continue to do so.

you all have my prayers now.