screw you Karma,


Today I went to ship off the camera I gave away for my birthday, and as I am filling out paperwork in the post office some guy comes in asking if I ride the "crotch rocket" cause he has bad news. He says its laying on its side in the parking lot. :banghead: Normally I'd be pissed off by this point but what's done is done and getting mad isn't going to change anything. I finish up in the post office and go outside only to find an old man (literally 80) standing there waiting for me. He says he is sorry and he didn't see it when he backed up cause it was too low to the ground. The real kicker is he was nose out of the parking stall and could have just pulled away but for some reason decided that backing up was a better idea. There is some damage mostly superficial paint damage and a scuff on the stator cover. its all repairable and I will call the insurance company and have it dealt with. Its just seems horribly ironic that while doing what I thought was a good deed something like this happens, I mean if I was leaving a girls house I shouldn't have been at yeah okay, thanks galaxy I get it I was wrong but really, screw you karma. :rant:
end rant
Bro its been my experience what can go wrong will! My hat is off to you for the great thing you did for your bday though.
I am very sorry this happened bro. Get her fixed and move on. At least he didnt drive away and just leave her laying there.
Who knows, maybe there is a silver lining. Maybe the old boys insurance company will give you a huge chunk o change for the damage and you can fix it yourself and do some upgrades with the dough.
Just be gald that the old guy stopped and gave you his insurance. He could have just driven off and left you with the repair... :beerchug:

Have a better weekend,...maybe time for some upgrades since his insurance is covering it... ;)
You will get her fixed like new or better. Like others said, you are fortunate that the man and was honest about hitting your bike. I read a story one time of a guy that ran into a parked car with several people looking on. The man got out of his car with a pen and paper, wrote a message and put it on the damaged car, and drove off. When the owner returned to the car, he saw the damage and the note. The note said, I ran into your car. The folks standing here think I'm leaving my name, contact info and insurance agents name, but I'm not!
you guys are right, and truthfully I'm not even that mad about it. I give him full credit for waiting for me, and I think that is purely generational. I called my insurance company and started the claim and dropped it off at the shop for repairs. I wasn't even concerned about it until the mechanic said that being an 01 if they put too many hours into it there is risk of a write of.
The clutch handle broke, the left bar bent, the left fairings are done, the engine cover needs replacing, and my yoshimira exhaust is all dinged up. Now I'm sitting here fearing I'll never ride it again. Who knows, maybe I'll get enough from insurance if they write it off to buy rubb's 07.
I guess now I just wait and see what happens.
can you really get angry with an old man tho under them circumstances? easy to say wen its not ur bike I realize but he did wait. at least you wernt on it when he was backn up....:poke: