Sane Man is now Famous Man


Check me out.

Second-Look put my Busa on their site to model their Seat Skin and Tank Protector!!

I would like to thank God, without him none of this would be possible. And my wife...
Sweet, did they give you any free stuff for the use of the picture?
Looks great...I checked out their site when you posted your original pics, and had to study the one on there before realizing it wasn't your (just yet)...glad to see they held to their promise...

You're famous! A legend in your own mind!

Oh, and you forgot to thank all the little people you stepped on to get where you are today...
Second Look's seat re-skin does both seats, so they wanted to the pictures to show both. Except for maybe putting a tailbag on the rear when traveling, I will always have the hump on since no one will ever ride on the back.

I thought they were just going to put the picture in the owners gallery and the New Model Preview, not on their front page.

I wasn't intending on getting the Tank Protector, but they wanted to install it to take pictures. After seeing it on, I decided to keep it. They didn't seem like they were at the level where they would be giving away free merchandise, so I didn't really ask about getting free stuff. I thought about it though.