Rubs gettin hitched


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Congrats scrubabridedown......I mean stripherofhergown.
Hope you have an awesome wedding, and one heck of a happy life together.
Haven't met her yet......but she sounds like one incredible lady.....sure hope to meet her soon.
You have a great one dude, hope it's all wishes
Yer Bud

Oh yeah.....they're gettin married tomorrow the 26th

Pics! We want Pics!
Congratulations, Rubber!!! The very best for both of you...

As Big O said, WE WANT PICTURES !!!!

P.S. - Is it just me or does anyone else thinks that this must be the forum where more members are getting married lately?
SO thats where he's been hinding . The brotha got his priorities st8. Aint nothing worse than getting cut off from the waist down

Congratz and many year of happiness Playaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
congrats hope you have many years of happiness together. hope she lets you come back and play here at the org every once in awhile, we been missin ya. and once again, WE WANT PICS




I wish the best for RSD and his new bride! She sounds awesome and he deserves it!

Enjoy the honeymoon brotha!

So that's the deal...... Wondered where he'd been hiding! Congrat's on the wedding.
Someone may have already suggested this, pictures?  

Congratulatins bro!!!  I wish you and your new wife all the best.  Lookin' forward to seeing you back around here, but I'm sure you've got more important things to take care of now.  
Well that would explain some of his absence...
Still not quite right around here....
Congrats Rubber and I wish you the best... I'll be celebrating my 1st anniversary Aug 17. And its been a learning experience.. Best advice I can give you is ---- think long and hard before you speak