Anyone here ever meet a girl off the internet?

I'm sorry.. I started to read your post and all I saw was you saying you went both ways? I couldnt read any farther....

Muah ha ha.. ehem, sorry,, couldnt resist

You and Michelle and beat me down later
Ron, what are we going to do with you?  


Oh, no...don't stop're cracking me up!


good lord......    mr.b Im shocked at your restraint!  

BV: you need to get your pipes cleaned....

then... maybe after that ...  we can relax with a couple cold ones.  I'll be going to bremerton on the 20th, maybe meet at the hooters in tacoma.
Someone say Hooters on the 20th!?? I'm game , I like the hotwings oh yea, and the girls aren't bad either!
BV: My rooomate in college met a girl online. We lived in Newport News Virginia and she drove from South Carolina to meet him. They had talked on the phone and had a pretty long email relationship. She comes down to meet him and says she's 5'6 110lbs. (Yeah right maybe on the moon). Turns out she was unemployed and had a kid (which she lied about both). Pretty much the only thing she told the truth about was her height. Of course she still stayed a his room....

Lessoned learned: meet her somewhere you can bail out if she's not who she says she is.

just my .02
You have nothing to lose, everything to gain.. and will always wonder "What if...?" if you don't.

Go for it.
I would seriously add what someone else mentioned. Until you get to know her better, don't let her know where you live.

I had a friend that just had no luck with meeting women online (well ok, he just had no luck meeting women period, but along with the freaks he met in bars, street corners, grocery stores, he also seemed to gravitate towards all the freaks online)

It is much easier to hide from someone if they don't know where you live. You can always change your phone number.

If she wants to fly out, cool. let her pay for it and you can pay for a nice Hotel room somewhere. She is coming out to visit? take her to some decent resort somewhere. Make up some good excuse as to why you are staying somewhere OTHER than your place.

See if she is a freak, you have a chance of the maids finding your body the next day, if she is at your pad and anything happens to you, it could be months before anyone finds you.

Otherwise, if she does sleep at your place. sleep with one eye open. well just don't sleep, you can always catch up on sleep after she leaves...

Never know, could meet a woman that met too many bad apples on the internet and now hates all guys. You could wake up in the middle of the night with some psycho on your chest and a big butcher knife screaming "I HATE INTERNET MEN AAAAAAHHHHHHHH"

Uhhhhh just a thought… Good luck

Man I am glad I am married and not on the dating scene anymore..... too complicated these days.

Used to go to a party, get drunk.. talk to a hottie, get her number, call her the next day ask her out, bring her flowers, take her to a nice dinner, chat over dinner, leave dinner, drive to the beach and sit on the sand just talking while you watched the moon reflect off the ocean and cuddle up in a blanket together as the cool breeze from the ocean blows over you..

Dating just seems to suck now a daze.... sheeesh

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Its a done deal...she is flying over in this point I have asked her as much as I could possibly think of.. weve spent many, many hours on the phone.

Ive quized her in detail about her past relationships and all sorts of other things. I know when something is off and while I might have seen red flags at first , all have been dealt with and I cannot detect anything out of whack.

I told her she would need proper gear if she wants to ride with me so she is buying this stuff too....neither one of us have expections. She is coming to meet someone she met on the internet and coming to see a state she has never seen.
She has never even seen mountains before being from the Midwest and all.
She is coming to ride on my Hayabusa...the bike is the reason we met in the first place.

I sent her some videos , Ghost Rider, misc Busa high speed runs etc....she told me she wants the real thing.

Damn, how many woman are going to be willing to lay it all out like that? Not many, if there are any girls like
this in my area (that are feminine) then they are either already taken or it would take a miricle to find them.

She aint nuts , I am certain of that...I mean anybody could pick out something after hours and hours of conversation.
She is just a normal woman , she deeply loves her kids and has a great family and she loves her job taking
care of disabled kids.

She is probably the boldest woman I have ever met.
Flying across the country to meet and stay with a person you have never met...getting on his Hayabusa
AND willing to go as fast as I desire?!

I dont care what anybody 2 weeks I will know if I met my soul mate over the internet.
BV, Just remember to keep your eyes and ears open. Yuo've got s good mind. Use it!

Best of Luck to ya! Call me if you need to be rescued.
You've got the number.
BV, Just remember to keep your eyes and ears open.  Yuo've got s good mind. Use it!

Best of Luck to ya!  Call me if you need to be rescued.  
 You've got the number.
Ive already used it , otherwise she would not be coming.

I think I got it covered...if anything she should be worried.
Good luck. My wife and I met over the internet.

She was living in Denver (Aurora) and I was in Virginia (Woodbridge). She found me by accident and we started using IM to chat. I sent a few pictures, which didn't totally scare her off
I created some voice files for a vocal e-mail message and she did the same for me.

After a few weeks of chatting, we both came to the separate conclusion that it was too bad we were so far apart.

A few weeks later and we were working out meeting places (we were going to meet in Florida for Guavaween since we're both Halloween nuts).

I found out that Weird Al Yankovic was having a concert in Denver over Columbus day weekend and quickly booked a flight. See Weird Al and hook up with Rita? That's a no brainer.

I almost missed my flight back (she was showing me the mountains). I got to the plane just as they were closing the doors.

We chatted for a couple of more weeks and decided that I'd get a plane ticket to fly from Florida to Denver and I helped her move to Virginia. She shipped her stuff to my house and we drove her car across country.

Halloween 2000 we married in the backyard of my house.

March 2004 I resigned from my 6 figure job in DC and in April we moved to Colorado.

I'm not making as much as I was in VA but I'm certainly having more fun and she's much happier back in Colorado. Virginia was a nightmare for her. I'd lived there for 30+ years so I was used to it. Heading back to visit this past April showed me that VA traffic was in fact, a nightmare
These guys here in Colorado don't know how good they have it

On the flip side though, I dated several flakes before finding her as did she. Her best friend, after we got together, went on line, found "the love of her life" after two weeks and moved to Australia. 6 months later she changed her mind and moved to Idaho. Now she's in Tucson AZ and we're visiting in October.

It's just like the local dating pool, just that the pool is much larger. IMing with her seemed to make a world of difference. We became friends and discovered our mutual likes and dislikes (she doesn't like Genesis and I positively hate Adam Sandler) well before we decided to hook up.

Good luck and be careful.



My advice is to approach it like you would any other relationship. Take your time and figure what direction both of you are headed. It should work out for ya dude.
Good luck the last chick i met on the internet said she looked like halle berry

shoot she looked like fred berry (goodtimes)
how stupid would a person hafta be to fall for that nigerian scam crap??

jesus.. hwo long has that crap been goin on?

sorry,, thread jacked... I'll try and post something about the actual topic now..

I did meet a chic from the internet.. it was from a local chat room though... and it was just a spur of the moment thing because it was the weekend and neigher of us had anything to do ..

not exactly the same thing... but thats all I got.

for the record.. we went out 2-3 times.. but it was just for sex .. on both our parts.
My bro's getting married to a girl he met online in a couple of years. They've been dating for 6 years though.

It's definetely not too soon just to meet you. If you're gonna get married, then you might want to wait a little while. But, go for it, have a good time, enjoy her visit.