Anyone here ever meet a girl off the internet?


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Ok I am single and not seeing anyone at the moment but I signed up with a few online match making sites.

I met this girl , she is younger than I am has kids but seems really nice. I am almost 35 and she is 30, she has 3 young kids.
We have traded emails and we have talked on the phone. She really loves motorcycles and likes to go fast, ive told her about some of my rides and she loves it. Its really happened kinda fast though so I am skeptical.
She is ready to drive from MN to WA right now to visit me. I told her that was a bad idea so now she wants to fly out and see me in 3 weeks.

Ive heard some stories of other couples meeting on the internet, I heard of one guy who met a girl in Australia via the internet...just off phone calls and emails the guy flew down there and married her just like that. He now lives there.

I am just kinda freaked that she is so quickly willing to come out, I have not said anything yet but I guess maybe its not so wierd.
I can see love at first site if you met someone at a party or somewhere ....but just exchanging pics, emails and phone calls? Can this really mean anything? I would like it to.
She is cute and seems really nice and she loves motorcycles, speed and anything related to it.
Last night I talked to her and she was at a tractor pull.

She is a perfect size for riding 2 up, @ 5'2" and cant be more than 99lbs. I am 5'9" so its nice to feel tall.

She has a good job and seems pretty together minus a few things. I am probably a little more settled than she is but I am single so I dont have the same amount of pressure she has.

I think it would be pretty cool if it worked out, that would be the best deal I have ever gotten , a full family ready to go for $20. Yeah, I know what you guys are gonna say...nobody wants a girl with kids...well I dont feel that way. Her kids are young still so I can mold them into lean mean kick ass kids that beat your kids up in school.
just kidding.

Has anyone else here met someone off the internet?



Well if anything she is coming to steal my Busa because she knows I am not rich.
BV go do it , I have friends who have done this and no regrets . What if you don't ? You'll never know how it may have worked out. Don't let her kids be a burden before you get to know them , regardless of what others might say ,

If you don't chance your arm you wont break your neck .
But yeah , I will finish reading it...pretty freaky so far. I am not that dumb though, no woman gets my cash.
This could go both ways. I met Marc (abbis dad) online. We met in person 3 days later and started dating. Exactly 1 week to the day later we were engaged. 9 months later I was preggers...2 months later we split and have had a rough 3 years. But now we're good friends and sit back and laugh about how me met. We also laugh about how we'll tell the lil one when shes old enough to ask!!
Wow, that was fast. At least your still friends so you can both enjoy your child.
Why not meet up and just see where things go from there ? Sounds like you just need a little push to get things moving , nothing ventured ... nothing gained
Thanks fer the push Bigdr.
Though it would be very complicated if we did hit it I need to consider it thouroughly before I go forward.
I do not want to leave WA and her entire family is in MN including her 3 kids.
Listen up ... If she is the lady for you it wont matter if she's an eskimo in santa land .. Stop making excuses and take some positive action .. Even at worse and it doesn't work out , you'll never know unless you try . At least you'll get a bit of quality time , bring her for a ride , catch a movie , a couple of beers.... you get the idea.
Your odds are against anything good happening. But it has happened! Maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones.

Who knows?

I have seen it work... One of my friends has been dating a girl he met on-line for around six months and they really are doing good... He went through a boat load of dates first though until he found her. It can't hurt to give it a try... I would aim closer to home. Just to make it more logistical. Three kids... That part I would think about real hard but if you got a good vibe from her give it a go. After all there is 1500 miles seperating you if the date goes south... Good luck!
I dunno man... Three trophies, single and is online looking for a man? Ummm, no thanks...

Sorry it's my opinion, nothing more. Just that women with a lot of trophies scare the hell outta me. There's a lady I know in the area here with three trophies from three different men... OMG You can here the baggage rattling along behind her... Shame too cause she's pretty hot lookin...
I am not surprised you feel that way Revlis, most guys are that way. Ive never had any kids (that I know about) so @ 35 I am
mature and would like to have some, I dont have bad memories of kids ruining my teens and twenties.

But yeah I worry about the "Your not my dad!" kinda comments...though I cannot blame them , being a kid is hard..I came from a broken family so I can relate. My mom raised us alone and brough home different guys, I usually layed the hate on hard to keep them out. I was a step dads worst nightmare.

At least its 2 girls and a boy. I am sure part of her enthusiam is because I dont have a problem with the kids...shes probably been hunting for a man for awhile.
I have been hunting for a woman for awhile but most of the ones I have found would require that I install some truck springs on my Busa.