Que Barbara Striesands "Memories" and share yours


I Love my Wife!
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Here's mine...

First my lovely wife....who dosen't smoke and is still in 1/2 way decent shape after 16 years of marriage and 3 c-section child birthings...the top pic is her just before we married and were living together in an apartment and the lower pic is of her as a brides maid at one of her sisters many weddings just shortly after we got married ourselves....


Next up is my silly @$$ self....back when I used to weigh 162lbs...lifted weights 3-4 times a week and at my best could bench 350 "once" ...jogged 3-5 miles a day and didn't smoke!!!...The top pic is of me shagged out just after we arrived at our hotel after a sleepless wedding night followed by an early morning flight to cancun mexico and the bottom pic is of me at the hotel caf'e about to have breakfast the following morning...


Next is just a couple images of how our life was back then...happily married and had just moved into our newly built home..the top pic is of my wifes niece (we watched her a lot while her sister was uhemm...."between husbands" ) riding our old rotty Cody (R.I.P.) who used to weigh more than me at 168LBS!!!.. ...and the bottom pic is of my old beloved '86 Nighthawk S Model....I rode he11 outta that bike.


Hope you enjoyed and...where's yours?

Well post it up and...L8R, Bill.

My wife would shoot me if I posted pics of her. Since we don't own a gun, she would go buy one just to shoot me.