Radar and lazer jammer


I've been looking for some type of unit to make that will jam radars and or lazer. I've seen where people have taking a adamatice door sinse and put it under there grill on the front of there truck. But I don't know all the details about how to make one. Does anyone out there have any ideas? Anything can only help.

pimp, I'm not followin ya here... "adamatice door sinse" what dat be?
its bin my experience , that buy the time you buy this an' that, an' make 12 trips to RadioShack,an' finetune,an' get busted once or twice while out tweakin' the thing....

Yer just bedder off to go an' buy a jammer and a detector.

But... I wish you all the best with yer "Science-Project".

Have a good 1....RSD.
If you are really really interested, figure a way to use black silicon. It absorbes all light.

Hey Bug, thats a scarey site! ( I book marked to check it out later

Pimp here is a site that has some good stuff for sale & info :
There's the Rad-o-Laz Jammer Heath Kit (p/n RL-2990) available from www.heath.com. I hear it's awesome! The only downside is that it requires assembly, and it's about the size of a 13" TV.

Just kidding. The posts above are probably better sources.
I was wanting a simple fix but it doesn't seem to look like there is one. thats for the help guys.

I'm in the same boat,Bro... Searching for some protection against the laser AND radar to mount properly on the 'K8...
So-far; no-good..! Thought the Rocky Mountain Phantom RMR-8RDS was meant to do the job, buy apparently it doesn't..! Where to from here..? ???