Prayers needed rider down and brother of org member!!!


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i just received a text from Mr. Droo (drew for those of us who have riden with him) and i am deeply saddened to report that drews brother nate was in a very very serious motorcycle accident last night...i am going to type out his text to me:

"my brother nate was in a serious motorcycle accident last night and wasnt wearing a helmet. he is in critical condition and may not make it. He had brain surgery and the cracked part of his skull was removed. Its probable he wont talk ever again due to the area of his brain damage. Not much else is known as far as his long term prognosis. please do not call or text however you can post on my facebook if you want to. :'("

nate joined us for Haya's in the Hills 2012 and i am at a loss of words as we talked by the fire for quite a while. please pray for Nate ,Drew and his family :please::please::please::please::please::please::please::please::please::please:

if you dont have drews facebook here is the link

nate is sitting at the table left of Drew



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I just saw the Fb post you made chris and creeped her to see what was up, Im not happy with what I found :(

Very sorry Droo, You know to let ua all know if we can help in any way, sorry brother.


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Prayers sent to Nate and all of his family. Sad news for sure


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We are very sorry to hear this. Prayers are being sent.

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