Another fallen brother...

I'm so sorry to hear this's what we all dread might happen to someone close, or us...I agree with Revlis up there...can't live in complete fear, but can't think you're invincible's a precarious balance between enjoying a sport and being ever so aware of what others don't see when you ride a bike...

My thoughts are with his family and's so sad... :sad:
Let this be a reminder that we should tell our families we love them...everyday.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family
It goes without saying we have got to be the most defensive drivers on the road.Not paranoid,just defensive.It really sucks to lose someone because another driver wasn't paying atention.
My condolences.........ride smart, ride safe, but please don't stop having fun. Don't take life for granted, we only have a short time here so make it unforgetable!

God bless......Dan
Real Sad, Sorry Stunnah!  
 Folks riding is dangerous, but it's not lethal.  Do what I do.  Carry $500K in life insurance, tell your wife and kids you love em', make certain you have a will and a living will, make sure that if the worst happens everything will be taken care of.  Then ride free brothers and sisters, if the worst happens, so be it, at least you will not leave your family in a lurch financially.  
 Point is you cannot ride with this in the back of your mind, if it's in there get it out.  When your riding NO FEAR is a real stupid idea, but so is FEAR, both of these mindsets will get you killed.  I am thinking if your always worried about death while riding you have eliminated all of the fun.  Try riding aggressively defensive, meaning do not be passive, get yourself into the clear spots, take control of your situation, and have FUN.  Bottom line here is that none of us really has to ride a motorcycle at all.  EVER...  So if were not having fun, why are we out there?  
 Take care of your family, ride smart, understand that horrible things could happen every time we gone a bike, but do not let that shape your riding style, you won't last long..
That's what I do.