Went to Micheal's funeral today...


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Well I had the unfortunate opportunity to attend Micheal Mann's funeral today...It was really sad...Several area riders and quite a few from Nashville came down...Talked with the riders from Nashville and this is basically what happened...

Micheal and several other riders were in Nashville cruising around...Micheal and a couple of others broke ahead of the group a little...When the rest of the group rounded a curve they ran into a bike down and a rider pinned beneath a vehicle...The vehicle was driven by a female (age unknown)...She was driving a 300 series Nissan model unknown...She said that she saw the bikes but thought that she could beat them across the street...This death makes no sense...There are accidents and then there is this bullshit...
RIP Bro... as for that chick in that Nissan... go to hell, i hope they do charge you for murder.
may the Most High take him into His kingdom. And may the woman who made the stupid mistake be forgiven, but may she always remember that young man.
Rest in peace fellow rider.....

I have lost two friends in MC accidents in my lifetime, I know the pain of losing someone. My deepest sympathies go out to his friends and family.

Really sorry to hear that Stun. please convey our sympathy to the family.

Charge her with murder? Send her to hell? Infuriating? Not enough facts here for me. I think I remember the original post, but we don't know who had the right of way. We don't know how fast either party was going and whether there was contributory negligence here.

I think i will just mourn the loss of a life without pointing fingers when I really don't know what happened and how it happened. Sometimes it is just meant to be. Ill let God sort it out.

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