Parabusa down


It's been a while since I checked in. For those who don't know I was paralyzed on my 05 Busa when I got cut off in 2009. Long story short with lots of help we built a accessible 07 Bus that has custom made landing gear. Well it's a damn good thing I put a full crash cage on the it.

In September I went out by myself for a short ride, I was 30min out and something jarred the bike around and I looked down and my actuator for the landing gear fell apart. That means there is nothing to hold me up when I stop. Since I was by myself I was kinda worried and I never had Bluetooth to call for help.

So I turned around and was thinking were I could safely stop or lay it over. I rode slowly home and stopped in a large parking lot outside of the city and got the attention of a truck driver. I yelled at him and told him I can't stop and he tried to hold the bike up and get the kick stand down. Well that was the plan anyways. I stopped and I ended up laying it on the right side. I was strapped in so I was fine, the crash cage did its job very well, but my landing gear arms that where suppose to hold me up flipped up into my brand new Yoshi pipes, uurrgghh.

So we figured out all the vibrations from the road shook the cheap actuator apart and we are working on it over winter. Also investing in Sena Bluetooth and RAM mount for the phone so I can call someone and maybe they could help me.

But other than a couple bent up cans there wasent a scratch on the bike.
Man that is awesome that you got back on the bike, that shows a great spirit... Let us know how things go...
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Sorry to hear about the bike, it's pretty damn cool you still ride and enjoy doing it.
It's great that you got back on! :thumbsup:

I would be interested in seeing pictures of your bike setup, sounds pretty interesting.
Cool beans Buster! You took a bad situation and made the best of it. We should all be so fortunate.

I don't remember what happened to you in 09. Maybe brush us up on the misfortunes and how you ended up with a specialized bike (Busa ?) to overcome your injuries.
Sorry to hear about about this.
But big respect for you getting out there on your bike again.
Oh man, that just stinks! :(

It's still so amazing to me that you are out riding though! What an inspiration to everyone you are dewie! :thumbsup:

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sorry to hear about the mishap but much respect for not letting life and misfortune get in the way of living! :bowdown:
Busa for paraplegic? The ability to invent something in order to continue to carry on a passion for riding is amazing. Sorry to hear about your accident and the malfunction, but great job on the invention. I hope all of the kinks get sorted out and you get to continue ride.
sounds like everything was in order up until that point. i agree with grabbing the blue tooth to cover yourself when in a jam and i'm sorry to hear that the truck driver couldn't hold you up but you got to give that guy props for the effort. I'm sure someone makes a nice durable heavy duty actuator somewhere to avoid that issue in the future and i would start to get into the habit of a pre ride inspection just to catch things before you saddle up to make the ride a sure thing.
There is a company near Seattle that builds sidecars. I was there back in the spring and witnessed a side car being installed on an FJR for a full paraplegic. It was designed for the rider/driver to roll his wheelchair into/onto the bike. Everything was controlled with a single lever on the right hand (Steering, braking, throttle and shifting) I was totally amazed at the technology that was going into that set up. As I understand it, the owner of the bike was involved in a motorcycle crash that left him a paraplegic. I have no idea what the cost of that unit would be but it wasn't cheap.

If you have interest in something like this, I can get the contact info for you.
You are a great inspiration man....sorry about your bike but at least you are OK!!! Keep on riding!!!!! :thumbsup: