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Since I got screwed out of ridin' with Pimpbike & qwck10th today I rode on my own for a little while and then detailed the busa. Just thought I'd share some of my photos of 'er after the latest coat of Zaino. Psssst! Wanna buy some? :super:  :laugh:

Just random shots. Some ok, some not so great. I'm still gonna share 'em all.


The front fender looks like wet glass! My new desktop wallpaper. :super:

Can't believe how slick and deep the Zaino made my Sportech black chrome wind screen. It took out/covered up/whatever, the little scratches from cleanin' it and left it exactly like chrome! Dayuuum! Look at the 'Train blingin'! :super:

And just for kicks, a few nice cloud shots for those who might not have had weather as nice as I did today. See the blue stuff behind the coulds? That's what I saw most of the day here.  :cool:

Last one for today... Just another capture of that lovely sky. Hope you enjoy my presentation as much as I enjoyed puttin' it together. :beerchug:

Very nice Bullet...Very shiney...Believe it or not Lilah still needs a good bath...yeah I let her lowers and wheels go...she's dirty...

Bike looks good man, looks like it was a beautiful day...
Thanks Rev. It was very therapeutic gettin' out in the garage with sum tunes playin' and rubbin' on the busa. Sometimes it's just as mind clearin' as ridin'. Usually not, though... :cool:
DAAAAAAAM!  Don't think my bike could ever get that clean!
Are you're services for rent?  :D
Actually, I have been thinkin' about startin' a bike detailin' and nick/scratch touch up service on the side for extra bucks. I'd love to do some more serious paintin' on 'em, too, but I don't really have a place to do it yet. It's in the works, though. I'd love to work that into a full time thing and get out of my current job at some point. ;)
Sweet job on the bike Train. You may have missed a good ride with us but you definatly know how to make the best out of it. Now I'm going to have to polish mine up so when we go riding you don't show me up to bad. Nice bike man.

Like the pics, but as a new member wanted to find out which of the Zaino products you were using and if the group thinks Zaino is the best? I just bought my '03 Busa about 2 months ago and want to keep it looking showroom sharp. Traveled across country with it and a Kat 750 on a trailer and need to get them both cleaned up. Thanks for the input!
Thanks Pimpbike. Hated that I missed the ride for nuthin' but it worked out ok, I guess. Hope ya'll had a great time. :cool: