Need opinions, To young for a Busa?


Ok guys im new and want to get a hayabusa. Im 18 and have looked at many dealers and they all treat like a kid who hasnt researched what i want at all and im just gonna get hurt. Ive ridden bikes since i can remembetr and have a 600 right now and this was going to be my graduation gift. So then the dealer calls my mom and tells her this isnt a bike for 18 year olds and proceeds to get her worked up about the entire situation so now it all relies on my dads opinions. What do you guys think, i mean my family will buy me a fox body 5.0 modded to all hell but not a stock bike that i wont go out and be an idiot on? I just dont understand, lend your thoughts

Forget it.
I had a similar problem. My mom was at first ok with me getting a busa. then she talked to a dealer while she was out of state, that dealer said the bike is too dangerious for me. They will all automatically assume your gonna turn out to be a squid. The way i got my mom to realize that I am a safe and responsible rider was by giving her a ride on my bike. You should give your mom a ride on a bike. Now she is OK with me getting a busa.
I also had to make a deal with my mom that i would take the ABATE Experience riders course after i get a busa. Just my 2 cents. Look, you have had at least 13 good years of controling your parents, use the force. I have bugged my mom talking about the hayabusa at least 5 minites everyday for the past 3 months.

Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible if you turn out to be a squid and injure or kill yourself. The hayabusa is for experienced riders only.
My om refuses to ride on bikes thought because she has a "bad back". But im still working on it, the dealer tried to talk her into buying a damn bandit, i dont want a freakin bandit, there probably as weak as my 600
Yeah a good rule of measure from now on could be that If to have to ask your Moms permission -you probably shouldn't be riding a HAYABUSA
I want one because if im gonna move up to a better bike i might as well get the best there is, i mean if i dont get a busa im gona get an r1 or a cbr 929, no matter what im getting a big bike i just thought id shoot for the best, i dont understand why my mother has no problem with me drag racing a mustang at the track or on the street wich i know is not safe but she will not let me move up to such a bike, i mean if i spend the money i could have buying a busa im going to have a 10 second 3 thousand pound automobile that will be even more dangerous to others than the bike
We should not give advise on what is and what is not the right machine for you, the fact is if you are relying on adise from strangers, I think you already know the answer. I would offer some advise though, I know if I went into a bike dealer and the sales Rep rang my mother to tell her i was chasing a dream...........well dentures would be the order of the day for my next visit to that particular shop.........!!

I can't believe there is a dealer ANYWHERE that won't sell you a Busa. You MAY NOT be ready for one yet, but who the F**k is a DEALER to be telling YOU that. Or your Mom for that matter. The nerve of some people. I HATE it when someone tries to tell me how to live my life. Course, I'm 40.


Hey guy take your Mom woth you to the dealership and take her for a ride on the busa then tell her to hop on the R1 and see which she would rather go for a ride on. My mother was on the pit crew for my stock car with my dad she does not like motorcycles at all be she is smart enough to know I can hurt myself onm anything that I buy and as much as she hated motorcycles she went for a ride on my 1100 to lunch one day (Did I mention how bad nervous passengers are hehe) just to prove that she trusted me. I can only tell you that any bike you by be careful they can all hurt you I have seen more accidents involving the GSXR1000 than the busa but maybe there are more of that class sportbike I dont know I love my busa I ride with my friends dragging knees and goofing off and I ride with my friends sister on her GSXR600 going 5 or 10 over the speed limit just cruising to the beach it rides well either way
PS if you mod the hell out of a car you have something that was never built or designed to go that fast especially the brakes and the wheelbase on a mustang to small for that much power
There are more to modifying a cart than just engine, such as a 6,8,or 10 point roll cage, 4 or 5 lug bear 4 wheel dis the whole way around, subframe connectors,traction bars, anti sway bars etc.......... Im not a total fool who would only do engine work and not worry about my car staying together or breaking loose at everyturn. The only reason i have to involve my mom in getting my new bike is because she will be getting the loan for me as my graduation gift
Kid, like an old timer once told me, your ego is in your #######. That’s why you want a Busa – ego. You will be racing everything out there and showing off to all your friends and sooner or later you will – lose your license, wreck the bike, get hurt or get killed. 18 years old is way to young for a bike like this. I would love to see motorcycle licensing in the USA like in England, start them out on a 250cc. I'm sure I'll hear some crap like "Its a free country" Where's my free medical insurance then?
I would like to see some free health insuraunce too but I dont want anyone to tell me I have to wear a helmet No I dont always wear one Yes I know its dangerous but it is my decision I also dont want anyone to tell me when I hit 40 my reflexes and eyesight arent as good as someone who is 25 30 years old so I can no longer drive my Busa cause its too fast for old people ............ I am glad to live in a country where I can make a choice on what to ride where and unless you get caught how
Guess what, as you age you get SLOWER dude and don't take the risks that you did when you were younger and I really don't care if you wear a Helmet. All I know is I only ride with full gear, even when it’s hot outside. I'm also sick of hearing people post that its OK for a kid to buy a Busa cause the kid is just asking for serious trouble and may end up killing himself. Also, hopefully this site won’t turn into a Labusa board.

Wonder why so many Harley riders hate the "crotch rocketsâ€￾, its cause a lot off us have a attitude.
Alright this is getting serious. Old people on Busas!

Watch it Hank & race24X. I will have you know that when I turned 40 my speeds and reaction time increase with practice. I also do not know too many younger that have hit the speeds that I have and will hit. Come to think of it based on this post some of the younger ones should not attempt those speeds.

Now the bottom line of this and more posts like this lately, is that don't ask if they do not want to hear the truth. I love it when a 18 year old tells a 17 year old that he should go for it, don't let anyone tell you different.

You know what, I think that I will keep myself from answering posts like this in the future. If the person is serious they can e-mail me.