Just curious what mileage people get on their Busa's. When mine was newer I did not get better than 40MPG, usually mid 30's average. This weekend I rode 300 or so "rather spirited" miles on the intestate at an average of 80-100MPH and I was shocked to notice that I was getting 47MPG. Cool!

BTW, my bike now has just over 2K miles on it and I have changed the oil twice.

Sooooo, can anyone top 47? Is this normal or am I lucky?
28 mpg when I ride hard.
40 mpg when I went to Barber for a 3 hr. ride north on the highway.
But the -1/+2 gearing does not help!
best I got was 49.6mpg. This was while riding in a pride ride on the fourth of july, Don't think I broke 40mph for over 30miles at a time............. :-( :sad: :sad: :sad:
According to my "puter", I am running between 46-50 most of the time, but not riding very hard.
Have not done the calculations on it as of yet, but that will happen the next time I ride, as the puter seems a bit high to me. :super:
I have a 1000 miles on the bike.

Ride safe  
Bike says 44.X most of the time. Ride hard is goes down to 42 ish, take it easy, up to 49ish. Have not seen 50 yet.
Luck to see 18-29 when on full boost. 45mph when i am at idle speed.
7,5 liters per 100 kms, according to the "puter", riding softly.
Pushing a little it goes 8,5.
Very economical driving, about 5,5. Done this only once. The bike doesn't deserve this!
When I first got my Busa I was around 35-37mpg, but now I have 1000 miles on her and I'm consistently around 28mpg. This seems rather low compared to the rest of you, but I do enjoy riding her the way she was meant to be ridden :super:
I'm with ProMorpher I get around 35 and when I get on it I'm lucks to see 28. As low as 22 before.

When running highway I get anywhere from 44-47 mpg. However, when I do it the old fashioned way I always come up with 2 mpg more than the computer is showing.
On a tank by tank basis I'm getting 41 to 47 mpg.
Avg milage over 28137 miles is 44.3 mpg.
I always use 87 oct straight pump gas. Oil service every 3000 miles. I use Honda Pro 10w-40 MC oil. The dino stuff, no synth or semi synth.

:thumbsup: :cool:
I get about 35 mph most of the time.
I got 24 on a track day, and 42 (my best) on the way to Vegas at 80mph in 6th, at 4k rpm. Crooooozin'.
Just done a 2500 tour of Europe and averaged 52mpg. At one time when my speed didnt go above 60 mph I averaged 60 mpg. These figures were both worked out on the bikes computer and the filling up the tank method at the same time and there wasnt much in it. I was fully loaded and 2 up also normally doing around 80 - 100 mph with bursts up to 120.

This was with the standard cans. If I change to race cans I loose 5 - 10 mpg.

This is the fastest most economical bike I have ever had.Its an 03.
I thought I was getting 48ish but then found out I have a 16t countershaft sprocket. So along with my speedo and odo being off, the mpg calculation must be off by 15%+. I'd now guess at 40-44mpg. I knew the days I got 50mpg going 85 plus didn't seem possible.