Mini C-town Roll Out!!!


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So far it's at least three of us. Me, Rhythm and Dudewzr.

Anybody else interested?

I figure we all should meet up somewhere around 6:30pm tomorrow, then roll out to Sammy's Auto Clean to check out the stunt show tomorrow night! (Thursday July, 28) We could hang there for an hour or so, then hed to Whiskey bobos and see what's going and grab a bite or drink.

I don't know what sides of town everyone else is on, so hit me with an email and I'll decide where we are meeting up so we can roll up together.

Holla back Columbus!
Meeting point for anyone one wanting to hang  out with a few of their Busa.Org bruthaz should be at the BP gas station on Morse Road. exit off 71 N or 71 south in Columbus 6:30pm Thursday July, 28.  You and I can hook up at 6:20 on Polaris at the same spot as last time Brains.

C'ya'll there !

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Yo, wassup Playas!

I just got word that half of the stunt show is gonna be somewhere else.  We can still meet up at BP, then swing down to the West Side for the stunt show.  Hang out there for a little while then drop by Sammy's and check out the RoughRyders doing there thing with four wheelers, if they're out.

We can end up at Whiskeys for a night cap.

Or, we can just play it by ear.  Whateva, whateva Playa!

Yo, Rhythm, if you got any contact info for any other .org brethren, hit 'em up.  Dudewzr is already in.


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Icemann cant make it, I'll give RatePG89 a jingle also.
I just Pm and emailed jnor, abusu1300,quazy, Got-Busa?, and RatedPg89. Hopefully they get the message.
This is gonna be great! Rumor has it there is gonna be some sort of girlie contest too!

Holla back if you are down!

(Hopefully we can roll deeper than just three!)
Looks like it's going to be a great ride.  Mapped it out yet? Wear yaw's shyttt and keep da rubba side down!.

Time: Condition: Temp: Feels Like: Chance Precip: Wind

4pm: Mostly Sunny: 79°F: 80°F 10% rain  From NNW 8 mph

Sunset 8:49 pm

5pm  Mostly Sunny 79°F 80°F 10% From N 8 mph

6pm  Mostly Sunny 79°F 80°F 10% From N 8 mph

7pm  Sunny 78°F 20% From N 7 mph

8pm  Sunny 77°F 20% From NNE 7 mph

9pm  Sunny 75°F 20% From NNE 6 mph

10pm  Clear 72°F 20% From NNE 5 mph


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Here that Playaz, therez a thong shaker contest going down. Be sure not to bring any sand (girlfriend or wife) to the beach .
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Looks like it's going to be a great ride. Mapped it out yet? [/QUOTE]

Too bad you have to babysit.

Here !

This is gonna be great! Rumor has it there is gonna be some sort of girlie contest too!

Holla back if you are down!

(Hopefully we can roll deeper than just three!)[/QUOTE]
Ty take that digicam yu got.......... Last time I was at sammies was when Paris got mowed over by the Uhaul loosing his leg a few weeks back. Kinda dont wana see it again.

Damn, playa you were there for the Uhaul show? That was messed up. I hear he's doing okay given the circumstances.

There is some new club or bar out on the West side near the old HQ building on Wilson Road. Supposidly there is a stunt show going on there tonight and another show inside! It's all hear say, but we'll see fo sho!

I'll bring my digicam! (I found it, and don't want to talk about it, haha)

The route will probably be down Morse to Cleveland, to Sammy's for about 1/2 hour then to the West side. We'll see when everyone's at BP.
Ok so I'll be at the BP at 6:30 pm. gives me just enough time for another coat of wax! have to see if I can get my DVD cam in the trunk. sounds good till about 9:00, at 9:30 i turn into a pumpkin. layda playas.