man this sucks


Man...I just found out that the compression fractures I have in my upper back have herniated...possibly slipped a disc in my lower back....these cats are talking fusing my lower and upper back...straight up all I care about is being able to ride....cause if they have to do this I'm gonna get put out (the Army) and I should get paid....been in ten years this June. Can't get a break around this #####. Just wanted to whine and complain....I'm cool though y'all....I bet Danno is in worse shape than me...hopefully he is recovering quickly. Probably be about six to eight months for me........maybe I should just get on the Busa and run it on I35 for about 100 miles at 190+....could straighten my back out.........I'll see.
Sorry to hear about your pain.
I can relate to the Back, mine will hurt me for the next year or so, so the Dr. said  

I covered a hole I dug in the front yard yesterday, only about 5'deep.. man My back killed me the rest of the day.

Doc says keep using it, it will get better..

Well, at anyrate, hope your follow orders, and heal up quickly.

Sorry to hear about your back. I hope everything works out for you.
I have a lower back problem also...Fractured vertebrae hair line...Caused me to get kicked out of the Corps with very little compensation...Stay on your toes and don't let them screw you...Have you gotten a second opinion?

Good luck...

Have you tried a chiropractor(how ever you spell it)?
DaMN Higg,

Sorry to hear about your woes. Just glad you didn't do the QUEEN thang again.
(closest one I can get to coming out of the closet). Be careful dude and keep ya head up.