Don't think I'll be riding for a while. :-(


I spent the day in the ER. I herniated another lumbar disc this morning doing my morning routine of PT that is supposed to help reduce stress and strain on my lumbar spine. That's two herniated discs now. I've been restricted to bed rest and lots of pain meds. Walking is a serious challenge.

I'll need to find a way to get my Busa from Corbin in three weeks when they finish it. Riding it back is not an option. I think I'm going to need to drive my truck down and have a co-driver to switch with if I need to take a break.

Sucks that the weather is looking really nice right now. :banghead: I'll probably be out of riding for most of the summer.


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Man sounds like you need to find another way to relieve stress. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery.:thumbsup:


I've had two herniated disk myself. Twice.. The first time I waited 8 months before I went under the knife. It worked like a charm. I had it friday morning. The next day I was spending quality time with the girlfriend. :whistle: Then 1 1/2 years later. Not sure what caused it for sure. But it happened again. Only waited 4 weeks this time. That second surgery sucked because they had to go through scar tissue. I couldn't walk up right for at least 3 weeks. Then there were times for about 2 or 3 years I would turn the wrong way and I would loose feeling in my legs and fall down. I started doing back excersises and that went away. The surgery is call a Microdiskcetomy.. Or something like that. Any way good luck. I feel for ya man.. Its inhales big time.


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That blows, if you need a co-pilot Bro give me a call, I've got friends coming in on the 24th of June, but otherwise I'll likely be available for a road trip. :thumbsup:


I've got a pair of Herniated disks as well.
L4 and L5. The two just above the Pelvis (S1).
Your right about walking... it's extremely painful.
But then again, so is sitting and standing.
Oddly, about the only relief I get is when riding.
The triangulation of weight distribution from my wrists, shoulders and pelvis, seems to take pressure off of the spine.
Granted, I'm talking about a nice Touring pace, not Sport riding but still, I'll take it.

So do what I do, go get yourself all Medicated, have a double, strap on a Helmet and go for ride.


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Sorry to hear this, I am in your same boat, at 19 years old I ruptured 2 discs, L-4.L-5, had to have surgery, laid up for months, 5 years later same thing happened, surgery again, horrible pain, pain that runs down the back of your leg bad,

I am now 28 and live in pain everyday, I eat pain pills for breakfast lunch and dinner to get me through the day, i also pour concrete for a living and it makes it that much worse but that is the only job I have ever had, so its something I have learned to adjust to I guess.

Riding my bike does bother it still but I will not give up this passion for anything, just have to stop more often.

Keep positive and good luck with the outcome, I dont wish back problems on anyone, turning 28 and feeling 90 sucks big time


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Sorry to hear that! Do what you have to do in order to take care of that. Good luck!


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Bro...really bad timing with the season just ramping up.

So sorry to hear. :(


yea that sucks. back pain is the worst. talk with your primary care physician and whoever he or she recommends talking to b4 making any decisions. i ,personally, would have to have no other option b4 i went under the knife 4 back surgery. I work at a specialty hospital called the Oklahoma Spine Hospital and I have seen some cases work miracles and some patients just can't stay out of surgery.

good luck. i wish you the best.


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Feel for ya, but herniation is better than rupture. I ruptured one and herniated another about 1995 and had to have surgery (lumbar laminectomy). I still every once in awhile have reoccuring problems that take about 4 days to get over.

Last year I did something stupid; let my wife talk me into going to a chiropractor. Well, he screwed me up BAD. For about a month I hurt BAD, could NOT find a comfortable spot where it didnt' hurt. Finally gave up and when to see a surgeon when my leftover meds ran out. He said he could operate, but he'd rather do anything he could beforehand (smart guy). I had an epidural and about 6 weeks physical therapy. You could hear my scream a mile away when that therapist would dig into the muscle/nerve (my pain was in my hip and down my leg). However, it WORKED I haven't had any pain since (and haven't 'thrown' it out since either). I think the therapy was a godsend.

Never have surgery until you tried other options first. Find a surgeon who doesn't WANT to operate if he doesn't have to. It will never be as good as it was before the surgery.

Good luck.


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sorry to hear this, hope you can find a way to get relief


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Sorry to hear about your back. Take it easy. Are you putting ice packs or heat on it at all? Definitly get a "co-pilot" to help bring your bike back. I rode (SUV) all the way from VA to MO this past week with the heated seat on full blast. My back was feeling pretty good. ;)

Sending you some prayers for a quick healing of your back. :)


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Hot damn Doug, that's not good bud! I wish I were closer, I'd be happy to help you get your busa home.

Hope you heal up soon buddy!


Thanks everyone for the good words.

I had the L4-5 fixed in 2005. That one has been re-herniated this time with L3-4. It's not enough that I messed up another disc, but I also messed up the one that got the shot a few months ago. At this point I have a stash of pain meds to help through the tough times. I have a heating pad and cold packs to use.

I'm not ready to give up yet, Rubb. I just can't ride for a while. It blows even more because I missed a lot of great riding days over the last five months, now this.

My sofa, as uneven as it is, provides decent lumbar support when I lay down on it. So far riding my sofa is the only thing that doesn't hurt much, but I'm currently medicated so what do I know.

I'll have to call Corbin on Monday to make arrangements for a pickup. I can get the bike Busa unloaded when I get it home. I have a parking lot near my house that has a wall as high as the bed of my truck. No ramp required. Loading it at Corbin shouldn't be a problem with the bike lifts in their shop.

The MRI shows that the L4-5 is against the root nerves on the left. The L3-4 is against the root nerves on the right. The heating pad feels good right now.