Back from the ER...


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Well, got back from the ER bout 6am this mornin. Presented with some serious upper and lower abdominal pain, most of which resonating thru mu upper abdomen and around to my back. I thought it might have been somethin I ate or some kinda food poisoning.

Well, turns out it was kidney stones. MULTIPLe stones from the CT scan they did. They loaded me up with narcotics, IV fluids and sent me home to try and "pass" them. Guess now its just a waiting game.

Hope this pain goes away soon. Just had to get up from the bed and do somethin, been drugged since midnight.

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It is a waiting game with some pain coming your way. Good luck to you tho. Hope they sent you home with some pain killers. My dad ripped the side rail off a hospital bed when he passed one.



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Good luck is right!
I passed a kidney stone before and it put me on my ass! Not fun at all!


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Hope your back on your feet soon. Never had to experience a kidney stone but have heard that it is not fun. Get well.


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well, so far, i havent passed anything. Doc says they appeared very small on CT, but there were MANY!! bad thing is, there were some in both kidneys.

The pain last with was about 9 out 10 on the pain scale. Had me up for hours before i decided to go to ER. 50 mL or toradol and 25 of demurol and i was pain free...sent me home with Vicodin.

I'll let ya'll know when and if they pass.

I know how ya'll are about pics, so i'll see what i can do about snappin one or two of these little buggers. (<-- poor drugged up attmept at humor)


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Sorry dude but like all the other fellas said you got some serious hurt coming your way but after you pass it you will feel much better.


if you gan get some velocity when you pass them, check out the kitty ridder post, it'd be like a pee marker / bb combo!
on the serious side, good luck. I've never had them, but my brother-in-law had and once it made him pass out because it hurt so bad. hopefully it wont be that bad.


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Registered the appointment with the urologist in the mornin. Gonna hook me up with a strainer to try and cathc any if they come out.

Buddy who is an EMT around here is comin over tomorrow to hook up another IV so I dont have to drink as much, maybe we can flush these things out fast.

really wish they could just get in there and


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had em my self. 3 times. you dont know pain until you've had one.
my wife called me a sissy until she got one last year. then it wasnt so funny. she said it was worse than childbirth.
a little technical stuff. the pain comes when the stones go from the kidney to the bladder. the stone tears at your ureters(connects kidney to bladder) when they are going through. after they go into your bladder the hardest part is over. i didnt even know when a couple of mine passed. i could tell you a funny/gross story about 1 but the .org is a family place.
the worst part is once you have em you usually get em again.


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Had a roommate pass one many years ago. I thought the poor bastard was going to die on me. Scared the ever-living hell outta me. He was conscious enough to demand that I not call an ambulance because he had no insurance. Evidently, he'd had them before and knew what was going on. I've never seen a human being suffer that much. Three days of agony.

Afterward, he told me that a doctor years earlier had told him that it's the closest a man will ever get to knowing the pain of childbirth. Scary crap. And yeah, once you've had 'em, you'll be prone to getting them again.

Hope you feel better soon, man. I don't envy you in the least.



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i feal your pain!!! i pass those things maybe 4 times a year.
im a dumbazz, im supposed to take allipurinal for them but
i just refuse, dont know why....good luck passing it...drink lots of water...


!!!!! hope you can get this past you , lightly as possible..
you don't play baseball do you ??
just finished the tv news and they said a guy from th orioles went to the hospital this morning, exact story you just posted !!