Look like this is goodbye...

Well, I've been in debate for a while now...

I've decided to let her go. I just don't ride it as much as I want to and I want a bike that is more comfortable for me. I've tried the heli-bars and they did help but just not enough. My wrist is still killing me after 45 minutes which is almost double what it is before the bars.

I had it narrowed down to 3: BMW K1600GT, Kawi Concourse 14, Yammi FJR 1300. #3 takes the W for me! I'll post pics as soon as I take delivery in about 2 weeks. I will miss the missile like power of the busa without a doubt but I'm looking forward to some comfort while riding that I have been missing for a while now.

I'll still pop in and say hey..cause you guys are some good peeps and I hope to see you all on the track. If any of you are riding the NYST with NESBA, drop me a line, I'll be there on the R6.


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No need to leave...we have Kawi riders here, Honda fans, Harley owners...I hope you find something that will truly be comfy on those longer runs!!

Best of luck and don't be a stranger :rulez:


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Be sure and post up some pics when you get home. We just picked up 1600GT and we love it.

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