Lets do the OCTANE WARZ again


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Octane: low or high? Busa works with 87 or better according to the manual. Low octane burns faster, high burns slower I guess retarding the timing. Is that a good thing? IMHO logic tells me faster pushes pistons quicker into the next cycle, but racers use 100+ octane... but their engines are TUNED for that and Busa is tuned to 87. I also hear higher burns "Cleaner" to clean out engine.

Anyone notice any performance diff tween low and high octane? I have tried Amoco 87 and 94 and found nothing noticable. I did not time, or race, or specifically test anything, but riding around normally produced nothing noticable to me.

Low or High? Why?
OK let's start again.

OCTANE is used for making gasoline harder to burn. it elimates knocking. No knocking no need.

Octane will not increase performance unless you are running a performace engine with mods etc. Then you could use 90-91 to keep clean buring and eliminate knocking or pre-detonation.

NOS Turbo you need High Octane when you burn with these items. 91-93

High end runs with lots of turbo 93-94 no matter what anyone tells you. 2 minutes at top turbp could use 100 Octane.

Other things will help this Mist intercooler etc.

The higher the octane the harder for the gas to burn...
the other thing you need to consider is Oxyegenated gas. The Octane remains the same but the extra oxegen burns clleaner which means quicker. So If you have 87 regular Oxygenated you may want to more up to 90 Octane for that reason.
Suzuki recommends using fuel with no less than an 87 octane rating. So that is the minimum, not the recomendation. My bike runs like a mother on either but it does feel a little better when I am running premium. I know they also use a higher concentration of detergant additives, and all sorts of good things to premium fuel, helps keep the engine clean.

Lastly, my Infiniti recommends using premium unleaded. If I am forced to use regular unleaded the service engine soon light comes on. After re-fueling with premium the light will go off after about 30 miles. Go figure.

My view, premium won't hurt and at 5 gallons a pop it's not very expensive. Cheap insurance against potential knock under high loads and if it indeed makes it run cooler than I am all for that, being in Florida and all.
Excellent Answers NinjaEater. I'll stick with my 87 and save a dime.

Anyone experience ANY REAL PROBLEMS directly related to running the ethenols? The manual says it's fine if lower than 10% or something, which everypump I've every seen is.