Leaving in a minute for a meet-n-greet 2 preview

Nice picture of the fish in the water.
Dang it...just realized that is the first time my pic has been on the board. So much for my witness relocation program.....come and get me boyzzz!
good lord...is that a whole in my haircut? Looks like the back of my head is going bald! Thanks for the heads up there, guys!
We had a great ride, even the storm was cool, very surreal. Only had to loose about 10 mph, those m3's stick like glue even in the water. Shibumi is well on his way to becoming a great rider, very impressive Lucas! And Don? He lost us just before the storm hit at somewhere over 160....that boy was heading for the barn at warp speed! We are going to have some fun allright....
Thanks Dawg! I learned a lot following YOU around those curves, I feel sorry for any Gixxer pilot who thinks he can school a "big straightliner" bike running through twisties with you!
hmm, I know they have paved roads there in arrrrkaaannnnsaaaaaaaaas right

see I know you were ridin with ole Moondog and he's just crazy enough to ride on those roads

There were five of us that were up north of Mountain View over the weekend. Excellent roads. Stick like sandpaper!! Looking forward to coming back.
I have not made plans at a motel or anything yet, but yes, probably will be heading up. Nice country!