Leaving in a minute for a meet-n-greet 2 preview


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Heading out with Moondog & USN04limited to make up some ride routes for the Meet-n-Greet next month! Overcast and 85 right now, should be a beautiful ride.

Pics to follow...
...can't wait till we're there...it seems like Christmas-every day just seems to go slower and slower
I was going to ride down and check it out today, but it's pouring rain here in Springfield. Thanks for the scout trip, guys
Look forward to meeting you both!

Well, two personal firsts for me today- those of you who don't know, I am a rookie motorcyclist by the way.
Flame on!

My first "first" was dragging a toe on a curve following Jerry and Don around Highway 74 near Harrison, AR close to Eureka Springs. Okay, it's not a knee but felt like I was WAY low laying over at 60 in a 25 MPH curve!

My second one was getting rained on all the way home- nothing like thunderstorm winds blasting you from the side at 45-50 MPH when you're going 70! Luckily I had Frog Togs in the hump and got pulled over to put them on before I got COMPLETELY soaked.

We stopped at the Buffalo River and took some pics, here they are.

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Just typical Arkansas scenery, and lots of twisty roads...

For you urban types, there's fish in that there water...

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Yeah, we got a buttload of rain here too- we asked for it leaving on a 250 mile ride with an 80% chance of rain in the forecast.

It's all good though! It's hot and sticky now, but we didn't have to ride in it!!
I used to float the buffalo every year when I was a kid. Cant tell ya how many times Ive been there.

Great places. The rain would suck for sure.
Oh no! Now all of these guys coming to the Meet/Greet will know that none of the roads near Eureka Springs are paved.
Hey, watch it Okie-boy!
At least our roads have TURNS!

Careful or I'll start talking about steers and ....

Plenty of turns and no place to put a 1/4 mile drag strip!

Got to say I love riding there! Cant wait!
good lord...is that a whole in my haircut? Looks like the back of my head is going bald! Thanks for the heads up there, guys!
We had a great ride, even the storm was cool, very surreal. Only had to loose about 10 mph, those m3's stick like glue even in the water. Shibumi is well on his way to becoming a great rider, very impressive Lucas! And Don? He lost us just before the storm hit at somewhere over 160....that boy was heading for the barn at warp speed! We are going to have some fun allright....