just my thoughts on the Busa


hello all , Im new to the forum, but not new to cycles . I have been riding my whole life, and actually got my bike license even before my car license, and have always been a sport bike enthusiast. I bought my first Hayabusa in 2005 after riding a Ducati torture chamber 750 SS (great bike, but at 5 foot 6, not good for my back) and moved on to the Hayabusa , which I had briefly for 5 months before it was stolen from me . yesterday I replaced my Hayabusa with a 2004 Red Limited with 900 miles on it. I love it. Anyway to the point. Im 49 years old and I gotta say, I cant believe an 18 year old can walk into a Suzuki dealership and buy one of these . I mean , Im a father and would absolutely never ever allow my son to do that. I consider myself to be a liberal man , but I dont think it is responsible for someone to operate this type of machine without many years of experience. just my opinion. It is by far the most intense masterpiece of machinery I have ever seen avail to the public, and on a personal note, I am an import car technicain working on high end vehicles every day. Im impressed.


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Welcome, you are right, she can be easy and gentle, and then in a flash OMG %^$^$^%$ fast! Welcome to the oRg bro.


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Welcome to the .oRg.

Congratulations on the upgrade!!!


Welcome. Couldn't agree more. This is not a bike for anyone without plenty of experience and common sense.


you should def have common sense when you buy a busa... wait you are buying a busa so thats enough common sense!


:welcome: You have a valid point on the 18 year olds buying a busa but the 600s and 1000s are also very powerful. I've got you by a couple years on age and I truly respect the power of my busa. I rarely run mine into triple digits but it's knowing that I've got the most powerful machine on the road that makes me happy. Someone else will have to help on the pics, I can do it but it takes me awile. I want to work on bikes, I'm tired of working on cars.:thumbsup:

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