Just went down for the first time


:banghead: So I just laid my bike down for the first time, Im feeling horrible about it, im fine only got minor scratches on my palms since the day i don't wear my gloves is the day I go down. I am looking for advice on repairing my bikes right side fairings. Since i fell over to the right side, my right side Nose, side and rear farings got scratched up. So i guess i am wondering if the oem fairings,paint& stickers are available? I don't think i'm going to be able to sleep tonight :banghead:

Any advice would help, thanks
btw im on a 2011 hayabusa black and red color

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Dropped mine on the right side last summer. OEMs are available. Warning, you're looking at over 4 grand if the exhaust wasn't damaged.


Better check Ebay and see if they the fairings. May be able 2 peice together what you need


Yeah I found most parts on Bikebandit.com and ebay. But just the rightside fairings upper and lower are about $600 then i still need to buy the nose piece, ram air piece,brake lever and tail. :duh: So yeah have to say that was the most expensive mistake ive done. I guess i have look at the positive side and be thankful im ok :bowdown:


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check with a body shop, they may be able to repair it cheaper than buying new fairings. or, go streetfighter.


Glad you are ok! Repaint and wear your gloves, and the rest of your gear anytime you throw a leg over. It as you have learned, can happen at any time without notice.


So, what's the story? How did you go down? Most riders did at some point, and many did so multiple times, so don't feel too bad. Your damage is nothing compared to some other instances. Your forks are straight, frame is not bent, tank is OK, all wiring is good, and so on, and so forth. And most importantly, your head, hands, legs, and body are all intact! I know, still upsetting, but try to look at the bigger picture, as well as to learn from your experience.

Your repairs a lot depend on your tolerance for imperfection. I would just sand, tape, and use black can paint, and then maybe spray with clear coat. Maybe use the brush where spray paint wouldn't work. Maybe some stickers. Not only I would do so, I've done that in the past.


Man I feel your pain! I have gone down one time in over 25 years of riding. Happened about 3 years ago. In traffic and the van in front of me was obscuring my view of the truck in front of her. That truck spilled oil off the back and I had no idea. Slipped right down on a slow roll. Minor damage to bike. Drove her home. Called insurance. 4K in damage to the bike!!! Shredded my jacket and scuffed my helmet. I didn't get a scratch. It made me appreciate how much damage can happen to both bike and body even at 15 MPH going down.

And yes to the exhaust. Mine suffered an ever so slight contact scratch. Insurance replaced completely at over $800 for that one muffler. Shheeessz.


Sorry to hear - yes it sucks.

In AZ is insurance not mandatory? Is there a reason you don't want to claim it and get all new parts?
Isn't that what insurance is for?

And Yes PLEASE tell us what happened. We can all learn from others mistakes and you might help someone from doing the same thing you did.
That would be a good feeling, right?


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You can buy the rear signal pod, you won't need the entire tail. I went OEM. If you go that route you'll need the pads and heat panels for the side fairing.

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