Jersey Cops aint that bad


Ok, I am stupid....I was doing 100 (or close to it) in a 35 construction zone on the NJ Turnpike. (Trying to beat the rain)
Sure enough blue and red's on my rear views within seconds.....
what's bad is he had to follow me at 20mph for a few miles thru the construction zone as there is no sholder....and these old geysers in screwed up gold or puke beige Crown Victorias and Caddies pointing out at me and laughing....were these guys ever young or actually didnt these geysers ever have balls?
Anyway....I get pulled over I came up with a sob story about my insurance already being off the charts....I figured I was screwed anyway so I told him I sped up in the construction zone cause I thought he wanted to pass or go quickly....I had to laugh at this stupid comment I made & he laughed too then started to look at the bike the all Black LE does attract some attention, asked some questions about how many ponies and how much and stuff...before you know it he was acting like my buddy...he then realized what he was doing and immediately talked to me about speeding and how silly it is and how much more fun you can have behaving on the road....etc etc (is going 35 fun?....on a busa?)
He then actually set me free, he let me go with a warning...I did have a phone camera so excuse the poor picture quality but I couldnt make it obvious.....

I am lucky......

sweeeet pics! We need a HOOLIGAN PICS area ;) Glad you escaped.
Cool part is, us busa owners are generally more experienced and perhaps a slighly older crowd thus SEEMING mor mature. That's gotta help our chances compared to helmetless teens with a tude.
Damn dude... that fast in a construction area?   That wasn't the smartest thing in the world to do...i think your damn lucky that wasn't a Sheriff. I don't know about down there, but up here they don't take to kindly to speeders.
The cop apparently didn't didn't knowingly allow pictures... In the last sentence danny says that he couldn't make it obvious that he was taking the pictures with his phone camera.
 thats too good.  I cant believe the cop allowed the pics.
Oh yeah mate , I didnt ask the Cop if I could take pictures, the pictures were taken when he was in his car I guess checking to see if the bike had correct plates, stolen etc etc...I was'nt about to rock the boat after he let me go to ask for permission to take pictures.....



I got a warning for 105 in a 55 about a month ago......I was with a few of my friends (who happen to be black) and without even thinking the Trooper checked Black-nonhispanic on my warning.......I kept that one.......pretty funny I thought. The guy said he was just glad we didn't run on him.

You did get lucky though.