It has been exactly 1 month I have owned a Hayabusa...


... and what a ride it has been!

As some may already know I'm a converted HD owner. I had a Fatboy which I loved dearly but for some reason it just wasn't what I was looking for. It would run very hot (air cooled obviously) and just felt "heavy." It was a great bike for what it was but if you wanted any sort of excitement it just did not deliver. I'm a fairly big guy (Currently 6'3 245lbs) so finding the right sports bike was going to be difficult. Growing up I had always admired the Hayabusa. The design was something that just did it for me.

Fast forward a month....

440 miles completed this month. I love the bike! It is tame when you want it to be yet quick when you don't. I have driven it around town mostly but have done numerous 80 mile highway runs. I won't lie, I have not had the bike above 8k rpm because I'm still a newbie. I basically use it to cruise. I'm still having an issue with taking turns at speed because coming from cruisers which you could not really lay past 5 degrees takes some getting used to. The fear of rocks on the turns or sand etc sometimes gets to me. I think with time I will get better at it.

The looks of the bike are amazing. With the 9 in stretch it does not like to wheelie at all. I have tested the ABC modes in different weather conditions. C mode is absolutely ridiculously restrictive. I used it once when I got caught in a light rain just to test it out. I felt like the throttle response was cut 60%. I wonder what effect can be seen on MPG driving in C mode vs A mode. Any ideas?

Favorite Modification: I have to say its the Grip Puppy's. They helped relieve pain thats for sure! I can now ride longer. Second favorite. Lowering pegs... Definitely helps on longer rides (1in drop).

I'm so glad I was able to find this forum. I did a lot of reading and a lot of people did not recommend the busa as a first sports bike but I think it truly is all in the wrist. You can be an idiot wether on a busa or a scooter.

If anyone is reading this and considering purchasing a Hayabusa I will guarantee you will NOT regret it. It is an amazing machine and brings a smile to my face with each ride.

Texas Tarnation

I'm only going on 1.5 years but rode mine all winter last year and commuted to work and absolutely love my hayabusa. Every where I go someone asks what it is or knows what it is and just wants to chat. Like you said too it's all in the wrist, my first bike was a 650 and now that I've put on good miles on my bike I know how great it is to cruise down the highway and get good MPG or let it loose and get the smiles per gallon meter up!

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