How does it handle???


Is Busa that hard to handle in the city at low speeds. I mean it is after all the Speed monster and a very smooth ride at top knotts, but how about traffic and in da city?

Ive never driven one in the city, only high ways when I borrowed my friends'. How is it SLOW?
It's Very stable at slow speeds. You may find yourself using more of the clutch at very slow speeds. I ride mine all the time in the "city" and it works very well.
Once you get used to it, it's no problem.
For its weight it is very well balanced. No problems what so ever.
it's true, the busa is very balanced for it's size...
handles great; at first you my have to get used to the "very" low speed lurching around 1500/2000 rpms ( the busa just wants to go go go !!! ) but after a while you will know just how to handle her...
It's surprisingly nimble at low speeds, though the Busa loves mach speeds. I read around in town a lot and have never had any problems.
The busa is very docile as long as you stay out of the throttle. It is VERY well balanced. So well balanced the I can practically come to a complete stop without putting my feet down.

I was worried about the same thing when I bought mine, but it is fine for city driving.
The instant I get moving, my feet are on the pegs. I can be almost at a complete stop and not have to put my feet down, just balance by shifting the steering. I love it.
If youre going from a 600 to a busa maybe some sore calf muscles for a few days, otherwise a tall first gear you may have to clutch, but overall really good.
I just got a 'Busa after riding on Katana 600, and was very surprised how smooth the 1st gear is. A few times I thought I was in 2nd - much smoother than on my Kat.

Like someone said, it is easy to keep your feet on the pegs almost till complete stop, and as soon as you start moving, both feet go on the pegs, and no problem. Perhaps, a bit of getting used to.
I got the Busa after a 750 Kat. It is only 40 lbs heavier (with 2x the power!) No troubles around town. Like any bike it sux in stop & go traffic.
the busa sucks in the city, gets too hot!
this is true.... with most all big bike's but even more so with the busa... a friend and I were in Dallas (on a over pass) while stopped dead in traffic , my busa over heated before my friend's did, he was on a  on a ZX-11...  we had to pull off on the shoulder and wait it out

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the busa does get hot in the city
i guess u just got to have good anti frezz in there
flushing ur collent could help
st00pidly, city riding, I've accidently started from a dead stop in second TWICE NOW and didn't even have a problem. 0-35 in 1 second between stop lights looks dumb as heck, but sure is fun.
Busa is definetly not happy in stop and go... Get a muzzy Fan and maybe an additional one but sitting in stop and go just plain blows chunks, the Busa's sorta heavy clutch starts becoming a pain, the engine heat off of it makes you feel like your being toasted, and it's allmost impossible to just toodle along at 8-10 MPH without having to engage the clutch over and over or dealing with a ChugALug sorta jerky ride... You want a good city bike? Get a Vstrom, or a KTM dualie maybe, something really nimble and fairly light.
Don't get me wrong I love my Busa and she is very stable, it's just a bike that is not happy poking along and will make it's size felt after 20-30 minutes.